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Instagram model nicknamed "Cake Queen," who on her famous self-titled page endorsed fashion brands such as NA-KD, Clothing Nova and Blanco Bay. Amirah Dyme was born in Germany on January 14, 1995. Other than that, she belongs to mixed ethnicity and retains the citizenship of Germany. Modeling is a difficult job to do. It involves emotional and physical qualities of a person. Most of the template also likes to keep the information away from the prying eyes. Interestingly, Amirah is very cautious not to discuss with the press her love life. With all her fans who want to know about her we have a dedicated section where you can check out beautiful Instagram pictures of Amirah Dyme and also follow her social media accounts and get to know about her in detail.


Amirah Dyme Lipstick Twerk - miami, image, , photograph

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Amirah Dyme Fashion Nova, Casual wear

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White River (Jamaica), Amirah Dyme Fashion Nova, Bob Marley

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Hip hop music, Amirah Dyme Bruno Mars, Trap music

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Amirah Dyme Amirah Adara, Influencer marketing

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Asian palmyra palm, Amirah Dyme Palm trees, Sebastián Cordero

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Amirah Dyme Desktop Wallpaper, Black M

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Human hair color, Amirah Dyme Brown hair, Fashion Nova

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Send It Thru, Amirah Dyme Fashion Nova, Beauty Dots

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