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You're hardly ever without your BFF if you're anything like us. So why should there be any other October 31 night? Skip this year's couple's costume and opt for one of our favorite Halloween best friend costumes instead of DIY or buy. Whether you want to go all in with matching Halloween outfits or just coordinate some of the colors on your get-ups, we've probably got a cute costume idea for you. Pair as iconic celebrity duos and movie characters (Lucy and Ethel, anybody?), make your friends and family laugh with funny puns, or do double duty as your favorite food. Before you know it, Halloween is going to be here, which means it's time to start putting together a chilling playlist, watching your favorite spooky movie, and of course brainstorming an outfit before the last minute creeps on. Dress up with a band? For you and your closest confidant and your entire crew, we have rounded up cute, easy best friend Halloween costume ideas. These Instagram-worthy ideas will delight trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike, from matching DIY costumes inspired by TV shows (looking at you Golden Girls) to cheap food puns you can grab off Amazon.

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