Cute Purple Hairstyle For Girls

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Irene Kim

When it comes to style, Irene Kim is never one to disappoint, and this ombré purple color is absolutely dreamy.


Anna Paquin

Royal blue roots have nothing on the periwinkle balayage bits that are woven throughout.


The pop star isn't afraid of a little Manic Panic...

She's had hair every shade of Roy G. Biv - but her take on purple was surprisingly understated.


Retro Purple Gradient Curls

1940s curls are ultimate sleekness and sophistication, even if you choose unusual gradient shades of violet and purple hair colors. 


Katy Perry Inspired Purple Hairstyle

This hair dye look of hers involved only two colors and still looked gorgeous.


Blue to light purple with a twist

This ombre effect almost looks like a mixture of galaxy colors.