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Dresses With Stocking | Black Pantyhose

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In our series of discussions on the various dresses that are worn by women of different age groups, today we will discuss about the dresses with stockings and pantyhose. Actually a pair of stockings and pantyhose is not part of the main outfit, but they are accessories to the main garment. The stockings and the pantyhose are coverings for the legs and are to be worn under a main garment. The stocking is a knee length socks that is made of fine net material and can be bought in different shades. The most popular shade for stockings is the skin color and the black stockings. The pantyhose is a bigger covering for the legs, the feet and the lower abdomen area. The pantyhose is like a pair of tight pajamas with attached socks. The pantyhose is a skin tight nylon material covering for the lower part of the body like the waist, thighs and the legs. The pantyhose can be bought in a number of variations. The most popular one is the black one that is made up of nylon fish net and is very fine in texture. A number of skirts and dresses can be worn with a pair of pantyhose.


Dresses With Stocking/Black Pantyhose, High-heeled shoe

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dresses with stocking/black pantyhose

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dresses with stocking/black pantyhose

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