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How to Style Curtain Bangs

20 Ideas | Updated 2 months ago

Styling curtain bangs is so fun and easy! Just grab a round brush and blow-dry them for that soft, flowy look around your face. Or, if you're feeling a bit fancy, use a flat iron to add some gentle waves. Want to switch it up? Try twisting them to the side and pinning for a cute updo, or just let them do their thing for that effortless vibe. Play around and find what works best for you!

Feeling like a diva with that messy chignon and sultry bangs!

Brunette with messy updo and wispy bangs, paired with minimal jewelry, and an off-shoulder black top, likely for a casual-chic event.

How cute is her pink passion with that messy bun and curtain bangs? It's adorable!

Woman with a messy bun hairstyle, light brown hair, wearing a bright pink jacket with a casual style, suitable for a relaxed outdoor setting.

Dreaming of ponytail vibes with lush bangs and maybe a ribbon for extra flair

Blonde high ponytail with bangs, secured by a white bow clip. Wearing hoop earrings, a black dress, suitable for a smart casual event.

Going from gym to glam with a casual bun and bold bangs is such a vibe!

Messy blonde bun with loose strands, black athletic top, suitable for casual or workout occasions.

Oh, this edgy updo with feathered bangs is perfect for the modern woman!

Messy updo with blonde highlights, wispy bangs, adorned with a black, high-neck garment featuring lace and gold embellishments, suitable for formal events.

I'm totally envious of those earth tone vibes with charming bangs framing the face!

Woman with chestnut brown hair in a high bun, wispy bangs, gold earrings, wearing a ribbed tan turtleneck and shoulder strap bag, casual stylish outdoor setting.

Get that Pumpkin Spice Vibe with Bangs and a Loose Pony!

Auburn shoulder-length hair with bangs, secured with a small clip, paired with a dark green knit top, suitable for casual wear.

Get that pumpkin spice vibe with bangs and a loose pony!

Casual tousled dark brunette updo with a fringe. Wearing a white linen top, suitable for a relaxed, everyday setting.

That sun-kissed pony with curtain bangs and a hint of gold is just gorgeous, isn't it?

A casual updo with wispy bangs, highlighted brunette hair, gold earrings, and a white sleeveless top. The style suggests a relaxed, everyday elegance.

With that sky-high bun and matching bangs, she's owning the black hair, don't care vibe!

Messy bun hairstyle with bangs in black, hoop earrings, lime green ribbed top, casual style, gold chain necklace.

Golden ponytail dreams with just a touch of curtain bangs!

Messy bun hairstyle, blonde, wearing a casual, patterned, short-sleeved top, denim jeans, and minimal jewelry suitable for a relaxed, everyday occasion.

Looking like a total street style queen with that flicky ponytail and bangs, it's seriously wow!

Woman with high blonde ponytail, loose bangs, gray cropped sweater, black skirt, urban casual setting.

I'm loving the way her curtain bangs frame her face with that elegant headband – so pretty!

Blonde wavy hairstyle with bangs, accessorized with a brown headband; wearing a white, silky blouse with a large bow; suitable for a semi-formal event.

She's totally owning that sassy ponytail swirl with flirty curtain bangs!

Light brown teased ponytail with loose tendrils, pastel green fitted outfit, shiny texture, suitable for a casual-chic event.

You've gotta try rocking that ponytail with flair, adding curtain bangs and a hint of auburn!

High ponytail with ombre coloring, bangs, wearing a sleek black outfit, suggesting a formal occasion.

Need some tips on styling luxurious curtain bangs for a romantic night out? She's got you covered!

A woman with a brown, elegant updo and side bangs, wearing pearl earrings and a white satin shirt, possibly in a sophisticated, indoor setting.

Want some tips on styling light blonde curtain bangs? She's got you covered!

Straight, light brown hair with bangs, no visible accessories; wearing a simple, black, knit sleeveless top. The setting appears casual, perhaps a salon.

Wondering how she pulls off those retro bangs with her contemporary outfits? She's got the secret!

Brunette with voluminous half-up, half-down hairstyle, silver earrings, textured black jacket embellished with pearls and gold chains, suitable for a formal event.

Wanna know how her curtain bangs make her natural glow shine even more? You gotta check them out!

Long, straight brunette hair, no visible accessories, wearing a white turtleneck, suitable for a casual-chic occasion.

Want to rock that sun-kissed curtain bang look? Here's how!

Long, layered chestnut hair with face-framing highlights, slight wave. Wearing a white, ribbed fabric top and minimal jewelry, styled for a casual-chic occasion.