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Met Gala 2022

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Looking for the best Met Gala fashion and outfit ideas? Here are five trends to watch out for this year! 1. The return of the #MetGala ponytail: This iconic hairstyle from last year's show is making a comeback, and there are lots of ways to rock it this year. Try a sleek bun at the nape of your neck or go all out with a mega ponytail extension. 2. Floral prints everywhere: From maxi skirts to crop tops, floral prints will be in high demand this year. Keep things fresh by mixing up your choice of print, and team it with neutrals like black or white for an updated look. 3. Oversized sunglasses: No matter how hot the weather gets, wearing oversized sunglasses will ensure you stay cool and chic all night long! Pair them with aStatement necklace or statement earrings to complete the look. 4. Gothic details: If you're looking for something different than plain old black gowns, try incorporating dark Goth details into your ensemble such as lace appliques or intricate beadwork. This trend will add an edgy edge that'll set you apart from the rest. 5. Ruffle dresses: A ruffle dress is perfect for adding volume and interest to any gown, no matter what style you're going for. Try pairing it with high-waisted trousers or chunky heels for a polished look that'll turn heads on the red carpet!


Simone Ashley at the Met Gala 2022

Slayed but it could be better. The famous "diamond of season". Personally the skirt is nice but the top don’t go.


Addison Rae at the Met gala 2022

This so beautiful!?



Gwen Stefani at the Met gala 2022

She looks STUNNING but not sure how it references the theme which is a bummer because she could have rocked it with her affinity for creativity.


Gabrielle Union At Meta Gala 2022

Looks like a high school beauty pageant dress ?

Ok the dress is amazing she is giving but someone needs to cut that hideous red flower off now.


The Kardashian & Jenner at the Met gala 2022

Omg Kris look more beautiful and young than her daughters ?❤️

Kendall and Khloe rocked it! ?❤️❤️❤️ Kim needs to get the west back because this isn't the look. Kanye needed next year for Met Gala 2023 !! For all of them as far as I am concerned ??


Chloe Kim at the Met gala 2022

Ultra baggy dress with style!!?? You make that dress amazing!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!! I’m vicariously living through you! You look amazing !! Congrats & absolutely stunning!!! Amazingly beautiful…and you don’t needed to dress up like a comic’s vilain!!!! Great photos gorgeous dress love it! You look amazing!!!

Miranda Kerr at the Met gala 2022

One of my all time favorite looks! Gorgeous

She was like, "I don’t care if I bore people to tears, I’m just gonna look stunning", and that she did. She really missed out on high school prom.

Karlie Kloss at the Met gala 2022

Looking missing the mark right in the eye all over again ?

Looking gilded glamour right in its eye. Apparently she dressed for camp... She's never on the theme.

Caroline Wozniacki at the Met gala 2022

The sleeves are giving Cinderella vibe.

Lily James in Versace at the Met Gala 2022

Not quite the theme but still very sexy on her.

Jessica Chastain at the Met gala 2022

It’s ok but not that silver snake like accessory.

One of the few who actually went with the theme. Look stunning as always Jessica! ❤️?Love it when the theme is followed ?

Cardi B at the Met gala 2022

Verified Looooove gold on you so ROYAL???

She ate the look, Even the hair matches with the theme.

Lori Harvey at the Met gala 2022

"i just like them to see my abs and biceps" LOL.

It’s not giving much, but her abs are insane.

Elon Musk at the Met Gala 2022 with his mom

He brought something from Gilded Age ?

His mom got the theme because she lived in this century. According to Elon, he attended because his mom encouraged him to. They both also appeared on Saturday Night Live together last year, too. I think they look very nice! ?

Rosalía at the Met gala 2022

Finally someone understood the theme ??

Super cool actually love this... She look better than half of the A list celebs there.