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Preppy Outfit

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Preps are constantly misunderstood as snobs, which is not surprising, judging by the expensive attire and accessories they buy. However, if you are not careful how you dress, this assumption can be very easy to achieve. And how can you get the preppy look without feeling snobbish? What kind of make-up were you going to use? This article will cover basic tips on how to dress like preppy girl, ideas on preppy clothing style and create your own beautiful, snob-free, preppy look. Many preppy girl style should consist of basic, chic dresses from top-class designers including Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Vineyard Vines. Preppy wear colors with the odd blue thrown in are pink and yellow. Recall! The preppy look is about being professional and well-educated, just make sure that your appearance is intelligent and not trashy. It is ideal for colored tops with either puff or long sleeves. Why not use a trendy tee to accessorize these? Tartan is a favorite choice of pattern for preppies, so it's not unusual to see a preppy girl rocking tartan skirts, jumpers and knee-high socks. Remember, snobbing doesn't mean preppy. If you're trying too hard to get the preppy image, you might find it pretentious, and the point of the prep style is completely missing.


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Winter Preppy Style Girl

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College Preppy Style Girl

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