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After discussing the different variations for the girl’s dresses and the women’s dresses now we will discuss a different option for the girls. The option is to dress up a girl in a tomboyish ouitfit. First let us know about what does a tomboy actually mean. A tomboy is a name given to a girl who behaves in her actions and behavior and dressing sense like a boy. We all have come across a tomboy girl at some time of our life. Now to design an outfit for our tomboy girl. The first choice will be a denim jean that is shredded at different places like knees and thighs. Then we will pick up a bold checked shirt for the upper body. Tuck the shirt inside the jeans. Then the girl will wear a pair of high boots with high heels and side zippers. The boots will be below knee length and the jeans will be tucked inside the boots. The girl will wear a cowboy hat on top of her head with a wide brimmed silhouette. So our tomboy girl is ready for the action. All the best to the tomboy on her every venture today.


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