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Wearing Victoriagowns can be a very stylish and unique way to show your support for the victor of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Here are some tips on what to wear with these coveted gowns. Victoriagowns should always be worn with high-quality shoes that go well with the color of the gown. Shoes should also be comfortable, as you will likely be standing in them for hours at a time. For evening events, consider wearing a low-cut dress or skirt to show off the elegant details of your Victoriagown. If you are wearing a cocktail dress, choose an ankle boot instead of heels to complete the look. When choosing your outfit for a night out, think about what other accessories would go well with your Victoriagown. A choker or statement necklace can give your look depth and sophistication, while earrings can add extra sparkle and shine. Add soft waves or curls to your hair using a headband or tiara to complete the look.