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What to Wear under Graduation Gown and Cap

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Deciding what to wear under your cap and gown? Opt for comfort and style. Choose lightweight fabrics and colors that complement your gown. For men, a collared shirt and trousers work well. Ladies can go for a dress or blouse with slacks. Keep it simple, ensuring you feel confident as you stride across the stage.

Add a touch of softness to your big day with a pink top and black trousers under your robe

Blush pink ruched top paired with black slacks and chunky-heeled sandals, complemented by a graduation cap, suitable for a celebration.

Keep it classy and comfy by styling your cap and gown with a dress that's just right

White knee-length dress with side slit, maroon graduation stole, matching cap, and nude pumps, ideal for a graduation ceremony.

Celebrate your achievement in style with a white outfit that matches your gown perfectly

Black graduation gown over light beige trousers and matching tucked-in top, accented with traditional cap; a celebratory outfit complete with minimal accessories.

Feel comfy on grad day with jeans and a cute top under your blue gown

Royal blue graduation gown and cap, paired with casual blue jeans and a chic white blouse, the ideal ensemble for a commencement ceremony.

Get ready to glam up your grad walk with a sapphire dress that goes perfectly with your cap and gown

Royal blue ruffled dress with matching graduation cap and silver strappy heels, accessorized with a watch, ideal for a graduation ceremony.

The soft fabric of this white dress goes perfectly with the solemn navy blue of your graduation gown

Navy blue graduation gown with matching cap, white knee-length dress and nude heels, suitable for commencement ceremonies.

Swirl around the graduation aisle in a cute floral pattern that complements your golden gown

Yellow graduation gown with cap, white sash, patterned dress underneath, ideal for commencement ceremonies.

Feel comfy in the light fabric of your white dress as you walk up to grab your diploma

Light blue graduation gown and cap, paired with nude heels, ideal for commencement ceremonies.

Hey, check out this classy cream outfit! It's gonna be perfect for your graduation day

Black graduation gown and cap over a beige knee-length dress, complemented with white heels. Ideal for graduation ceremonies.

These cute summer dresses in white and pink will peek out nicely from under your gowns

Black graduation gowns over a white knee-length dress and a fuchsia midi dress, paired with peep-toe heels, suitable for a graduation ceremony.

What to Wear under Cap and Gown

Black graduation gown with orange stole and tassel, paired with tan heels; ideal for commencement ceremonies.

This cream and pleated outfit will flow nicely under your gown

Black graduation gown with honors stoles, pleated white dress, beige ankle boots, and a graduation cap, suitable for a commencement ceremony.

Picture yourself in the spotlight on graduation day wearing this cute teal wrap dress

Teal wrap-style dress with an asymmetrical hem, paired with black strappy heels, and accessorized with a graduation cap and a sash for a commencement ceremony.

Stand out from the crowd with this bold red dress that matches your fiery ambition

Red satin slip dress with a thigh-high slit, paired with silver strappy heels and a black graduation gown, ideal for a commencement ceremony.

Wow, check out this sharp maroon suit paired with a soft white blouse. It's perfect for graduation, don't you think?

Dark burgundy graduation gown with a stripped stole, paired with beige open-toe heels, suitable for a commencement ceremony.

Slip into this taupe outfit under your cap and gown for a subtle yet successful vibe

Beige tailored suit, nude scoop-neck top, graduation cap and stole, nude strappy heels; ideal for graduation ceremonies.

Get ready to shine in this coral dress on your graduation day

A red dress paired with a dark graduation gown, honor cords, matching cap, and neutral strappy heels, ideal for a commencement ceremony.

Pair your moment of pride with this sleek black dress that will peek perfectly beneath your graduation gown!

Black graduation gown with a blue sash, skin-tone heels, suited for commencement ceremonies. Accessorized with a mortarboard and tassel.

You can make your graduation outfit memorable with this white dress, the perfect contrast to your blue gown's golden accents

Navy graduation gown with gold accents, white fitted mini dress underneath, paired with white strappy heels, ideal for a commencement ceremony.