Stories Fashion 4 Bra Secrets To Getting The Best Most Comfortable Fit


Measuring Your Size Properly

Understanding the best way to measure your size involves being willing to work carefully with your tape measure and to fine-tune your approach according to your body type. Even when working with the right measurements, you can sometimes still wind up with bra fit problems due to various factors, but without the measurements, it is all a guessing game. Even if you have to fine-tune your size a bit for your own comfort, you need someplace to start.

  • For the band size, measure one to two inches below your breast tissue
  • For the over-bust measurement, choose the fullest part of your chest
  • Subtract the size from the over bust
  • For every inch of difference, it's one cup size

As you can imagine, this means a lot of people have half-size cup measurements or band sizes that do not fall within conventional sizing increments. Someone with a 33-inch chest usually has to choose between 32 and 34-inch bands, for example. There are a few ways to work with that beyond finding those brands with unconventional approaches to sizing. Check to know more about the common bra fit problems.

Buying A Sister Size Bra

Sister sizes are a way to fine-tune your comfort level while maintaining the same available cup space. Basically, for every two inches of band length, you modify the cup size by one. That means a 36C has the same volume in the cup as a 38B and a 34D. If you feel like the band is a little too tight or too loose in your current bras but you have been working from your measurements, then it might be a good idea to go with a sister size.

Knowing Your Breast Shape

There are over a half dozen different chest and bust shapes that define which bra styles wind up flattering you and finding your comfort zone. The best way to figure out quickly which bra styles line up with your body type is to take a bra size quiz after getting your measurements. A well-developed fit quiz will use visual prompts to help you see what each breast shape looks like, allowing you to figure out which ones best fit you. Just like with sizing, some people will naturally fall in-between.

Right Bra, Right Occasion

It's easy to forget that your comfort is a result of many factors, and your bra fit could feel fine or look fine on its own, only to wind up the opposite when paired with certain outfits. When you have already done the work to find comfortable bras that look great on you under most circumstances, the next step is to find the full range of styles that work for you, so you can match garment profiles to stay looking collected and comfortable wherever you go.

There are a few styles that work with each body type, so it should be easy to find a rotation between your everyday t-shirt bra for hangouts and housework, something that looks great with your work attire, and a choice for more formal fits. Start your search now so you can round out your wardrobe.