Stories Tips & Tricks 4 Ways to Create a Sensual, Romantic Interior Design Style

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to put a little bit of romance in your home? To pull out all the stops and create a space that exudes sensuality and charm? Well, this style is a lot easier to obtain than you initially realize.

Sensual style is a decorating concept with specific elements that can take your home from mundane to luxurious. You can create this yourself in a few simple ways. Here are four ways that you can adopt a sensual, romance inter design style in your home:

Sensual style results from several design elements

If you work with an interior designing service like Ligne Roset Bromley, you’ll notice a sensual style element with luxurious accents used within their work. These several design elements create an alluring appeal by combining aesthetics with other features to create a cohesive, harmonious effect on the human senses. These include color, shape, texture pattern and proportion, scale, material, and finish. These are all important when creating a style captivating to the human eye.

Sensual style calls for tactile and inviting textures, like silk and velvet.

When you want to create a sensual style, you need to use tactile and inviting textures like silk and velvet. These soft and luxurious fabrics make them perfect for bedding or clothing. They can also be used as details in home decor, like curtains or pillows.

Consider using these kinds of fabrics in your designs when creating a romantic design style. They will help make your designs feel warm and inviting, which is exactly what you want when trying to create an atmosphere that will make your guests feel relaxed. Plus, if you’re incorporating this aesthetic into your place of business, it’ll impress clients and partners and help make them feel at ease in the space.

Light and shadowy elements add mystique to your space.

The Gothic Revival movement was a reaction to the more ornate and elaborate styles of classicism and rococo, which were popular then. It emphasized simplicity, functionality, and restraint.

Including elements of this style in your space can be a great way to add some romantic mystique. One way is by adding light and shadowy elements. Make sure there’s enough light in the room to see what you’re doing, but also make sure there are plenty of areas where it’s dimly lit or even completely dark. You can use this to set the mood or make it feel like something mysterious is going on!

Furniture in a sensual style can add to your space

Furniture in sensual style tends to be curvaceous, with gently sloping lines. This is a good rule for furniture in general since soft lines are typically more desirable than sharp corners and hard edges when it comes to classier designs. After all, curved sofas and beds are romantic and make a room feel more welcoming.

The dining room table is another opportunity for you to create an intimate atmosphere at home by introducing curves into the design of this piece of furniture. If you have enough space, consider adding an oval or circular table so that everyone can sit comfortably around it while enjoying a meal together as a couple or family in a beautiful environment.


In summary, the sensual style is warm, inviting, and romantic. If you have a space that needs some passion, try adding sensual design elements to create an atmosphere of intimacy, class, and playfulness. Have a look around for furniture that can add this to your home, and use it to bring a romantic mystique to your living space.