Stories Accessories 7 Tips To Find The Best Earring That Suits Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect pair of earrings to suit your face shape can be a challenging task. There are so many various types and shapes available, including hoops, studs, and dangles. But how can you tell which ones will suit you the most?

Here are 7 recommendations to assist you in selecting the ideal earrings for your facial structure.

1. Choose earrings that complement your facial shape.

The initial step in choosing the best earrings for your face is determining your facial structure. Rounded, oval, rectangle, heart, and square are typical facial forms. Once you know your face shape, you’ll be able to narrow down your earring choices and find the perfect pair for you.

• Inverted triangle-shaped face: If you have an inverted triangle-shaped face, try earrings that will draw attention to your eyes and soften your strong chin. Try for earrings, such as teardrop-shaped ones, that are broader at the top and taper down towards the bottom.
Oval face: Opt for earrings that will highlight your facial contours when you have an oval face. With oval faces, studs and hoops are excellent choices. You can also try dangling earrings that will draw the eye down and create a more balanced look.
• Round face: Whenever you want to appear more extended, opt for earrings that will lengthen your face. Long dangly earrings and hoops will draw the eye downward, giving your face a longer look. You can also opt for earrings that are wider than your face to add balance and definition to your features.
• Heart-shaped face: Whether you have this facial type, seek earrings that will highlight your cheekbones and eyes. Consider wearing earrings that dangle to attract attention to the peak of the face.
• Long, narrow face: Unless your face is lengthy and narrow, consider wearing earrings that will elongate it. Look for earrings that are wider than your face, such as hoops or dangles. You can also opt for earrings that are slightly wider at the bottom, such as teardrop earrings. 
• Square face: Those with a square face should opt for earrings that will soften their angular characteristics. Your powerful jawline will be balanced off with round or oval earrings. For a traditional style, consider studs or hoops; for a more contemporary look, choose dangly earrings.

2. Keep it simple

Less is more whenever it relates to earrings. Wear a modest set of studs or hoop earrings to keep it timeless. These timeless pieces may be combined with any outfit and will always be in fashion. Additionally, you may combine and match several earrings to get a totally own design. Finding the ideal mix between convenience and elegance is key.

3. Consider your hair

When shopping for earrings, consider your hairstyle and colour. If you have a bold hairstyle and bright hair colour, opt for earrings that will blend in and not overpower your look. If you have a subtle hairstyle and muted hair colour, you can go bolder with your earring choice.

4. Do a test run

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, do a test run by wearing the earrings around the house for a few hours. This will help you decide if the earrings are comfortable and if they suit your face shape. Once you find the perfect pair of earrings, you’ll be ready to show off your new look.

5. Adjust the earrings to the bone form.

Finding earrings that complement your bone shape is yet another approach to selecting the best pair for your face shape.

• Small, fine bone structure: Look for earrings that will give your face more volume and definition when you have a petite, delicate bone structure.
• Medium bone structure: You should opt for earrings that will enhance your features when you have a medium bone structure.
• Large bone structure: Look for earrings that will give your face equilibrium whenever you have a broad bone structure.

6. Wear earrings that suit your lifestyle

It's important to take your lifestyle into account while selecting earrings. If you're a busy professional, search for earrings that are cosy and simple to put on. Studs and hoops are a great solution for folks who are usually on the go. If you're a fashionista, choose statement-making earrings that are more daring.

• Work or office: If you work in an office or other professional setting, opt for earrings from PurpleMay Jewellery that are subtle and understated. 
• Sports or outdoor activities: If you’re an active person who loves sports and outdoor activities, look for earrings that are comfortable and won’t get in the way. Try studs or hoops that won’t snag on clothing or hair. You can also opt for clip-on earrings if you don’t want to permanently pierce your ears.
• Formal events: When going to a formal occasion, search for earrings that are stylish and attractive. Opt for dangly earrings or statement pieces that will make a statement. Choose earrings that are comfortable and won’t draw too much attention away from your outfit.

7. Select earrings in tune with your style and personality

Selecting a pair of earrings that complements your unique style is key to finding the ideal pair. You may choose earrings that fit your style, whether it's boho, traditional, or modern. Make a statement with bright, flamboyant earrings for a boho appearance. Choose studs or hoops for a timeless appearance. Try striking jewellery or hanging earrings for a contemporary style. Once more, whichever style you pick, make sure it's cosy and flattering to your facial shape.


When looking for earrings, keep in mind your face shape, bone structure, lifestyle, hairdo, and colouring to ensure that you locate the ideal pair. It's crucial to take your colouration into account while choosing earrings. When you do have fair skin, try earrings that will stand out against it. But don't worry; by using the aforementioned 7 recommendations, you'll be able to identify the earrings that best complement the form of your face and highlight your characteristics.