Stories Lifestyle 8 Hacks To Get The Smell Out Of Your Workout Cloth

Still smelling sweaty… When you pick washed gym clothes before rushing to the gym, this is a common phrase you use every day. Activewear is made of synthetic material that absorbs sweat and wicks it away. This property is ideal for any gym cloth, but when it comes to washing these factors can be very distressful. The gym clothes absorb the unpleasant odor of sweat and do not allow it to escape. This odor gets trapped between the fiber and does not remove from the cloth even after washing. But you don’t have to worry, we have some quick and easy solutions to this stinky problem.

Let sweat dry first

When you come home after a workout, you get directly into the bathroom to take shower and put your clothes into the hamper. Putting your sweaty and smelly gym attire into the laundry basket is a mistake we all made. Microorganisms like moist environments, so when we keep our moist clothes in a hamper bacteria and mold start growing on them. When we wash our clothes, the smell produced by microorganisms is not removed from them, and apparel smells nasty even after washing. If you want to get the stink out of your workout cloth, dry them in the air. It is good practice to hang clothes under the sun. Sunlight has a bactericidal effect. When you hang clothes, 90% of the bacteria are killed by sunlight, and after cleaning your clothes do not smell bad.

Wash inside out

Your gym clothes get dirty from the inside because the outside environment of the gym is dust and dirt free. So it is suggested to wash the cloth inside out.

Use some home remedies:

You should turn toward home remedies if you are tired of using detergents. There are many products in your everyday kitchen that act as a deodorizer. Try them out. Vinegar and lemon juice have double-action deodorizing activity, so you can use any. Take a cup of vinegar and add it to cold water and soak your cloth for 30 minutes. The acidic property will kill the germ and get stink out.  Washing afterward with the detergent will give your workout clothes a fresh fragrance. Do not use black vinegar; it will stain your clothes; only white vinegar is suggested for washing. Lemon has the same mechanism of action as vinegar. The citric acid in lemon juice kills bacteria and deodorizes your cloth. Vinegar also gives softness and brightness to your gym cloth. You can also use baking soda to get rid of the smell. The alkaline nature of soda will react with acidic sweat and neutralize the effect, thus freshening your laundry.  

Use sports detergent:

Many sports detergents are now available in the market that claims that their detergents are best for workout clothes because they eliminate odor. Indeed, many detergents perform very well. These detergents use odor elimination technology or the polymer that traps the dirt and odor-producing compound and removes it from the cloth. 
You should select those brands that offer residue-free detergent. Sometimes the detergent residue remains between the fibers and clogged the pores. It affects the breathability of clothes.

Wash every day

Everyone washes their workout cloth after one use. Everyday washing is necessary to keep clothes clean, but when it comes to workout clothes, they should be washed immediately after taking off. When you do not toss the cloth in the hamper, instead wash it instantly, the sweat gets off the workout cloth, and it will not smell nasty. Repeated washing fades your apparel very soon if its quality is not good. To buy high-quality gym clothing visit

Are you aware of linen spray? These are liquid products that remove odor and make the cloth smell fragrant. Take a cap full of linen spray, mix it with a bucket of water, and soak your workout clothes for 5 minutes. You will end up with fragrant, soft, and bright clothes.

Warm water

Do not ever try to wash your gym clothes in warm water. Warm water accelerates the growth of bacteria, so when you soak your stinky cloth in warm water, it will become more smelly. Hot water is not recommended for workout clothing made of polyester and polypropylene. These two are plastic-based material, so it shrinks or denatures when you put the cloth made of these fabrics in water. Hot water does not pose any positive effect on other materials as well. Contrary cold water is good to remove the odor. Even tossing your clothes in the refrigerator for a few hours will deodorize your gym clothes, but this is not a hygienic habit.

Do not use a dryer

Save energy, and do not put your gym clothes in the dryer. Instead, let them dry naturally in the sun. We all know the UV rays of the sun are mutagenic. We can use this property of sun rays to kill bacteria on our clothes by spreading them under the sunlight.