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Cristiano Ronaldo hair-cut look

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most popular athletes. He’s won everything there is to win and his hair has become as synonymous with him as his winning goals. When it was announced that he would be getting a haircut, fans everywhere were curious to see how it would look. And, indeed, the result was stunning. Check out this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut tutorial to see how you can achieve the same look yourself!

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What is Cristiano Ronaldo's haircut called?

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned football player, is recognized for his distinctive pixie cut hairstyle. This haircut features shorter layers on the top, while the back is left with a longer tail. For games, he often embraces a bald look, allowing his hair to air dry naturally for easy styling. To maintain this style, he keeps his hair regularly trimmed with scissors, ensuring it remains well-groomed and doesn't grow excessively long. The picture below provides a clear view of his signature hairstyle.

Who is Ronaldo's barber?

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Carlos is the name of Cristiano Ronaldo's barber. They first connected when Ronaldo was at the beginning of his football career and required a fresh haircut. Since then, Carlos has been Ronaldo's trusted hairstylist, and their relationship has blossomed into a close friendship. Ronaldo holds absolute confidence in Carlos and consistently relies on him for all his haircuts.

What does Ronaldo’s hair look like?


In the latest instalment of his Real Madrid documentary, Ronaldo is seen in Los Angeles having his hair trimmed by stylist Guido Palau. Fans were quick to share their reactions on social media.

Top 5 Christiano Ronaldo Haircut Ideas

Cristiano Ronaldo's hairstyles have garnered attention not just from soccer fans but from everyone. The football legend's skillful performance on the field is matched by his outstanding hairstyles, making them a source of inspiration for many. We've compiled some of Ronaldo's most prominent haircuts to spark your next style idea.

Crew Cut Fade - October 2021:

Crew Cut Fade

In October 2021, Ronaldo flaunted a stylish crew cut fade, which was relatively shorter compared to his other hairstyles. This haircut is not only fashionable but also practical and low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts.

High Pony And Undercut - February 2020:

High Pony And Undercut

Surprisingly, Ronaldo also experimented with a man ponytail. Although not as bold as you might expect, it showcased a dapper appearance. With an undercut on the sides, this look balances style and practicality.

Short Pompadour + Undercut - October 2019:

Short Pompadour And Undercut

Ronaldo's short pompadour with a hard part haircut highlights his virile style. He opts for hair gel to perfect this look, creating a distinct and attractive hairstyle.

Wavy High Top Fade Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle - July 2019:

Wavy High Top Fade

Embracing his natural curly and thick hair, Ronaldo showcased a wavy high top fade, effortlessly styled with a hair product. The result is an easy, stylish, and elegant appearance.

Classic Comb Over - October 2018:

Classic Comb Over

The classic comb over remains a timeless choice. Ronaldo's polished and neat comb over exudes sophistication and can withstand the most intense football matches, thanks to a strong-hold gel keeping it in place.