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In the world of fashion, shopping for plus-size clothing can still pose challenges, despite significant strides toward inclusivity and diversity in recent years. One brand that caters to plus-sized individuals is BloomChic. This article aims to provide an in-depth review of BloomChic, shedding light on various aspects of the brand to help consumers make informed decisions about their purchases.

What Is BloomChic?

Bloomchic homepage

At BloomChic, we are more than just a fashion brand. We are a digital-first fashion and lifestyle destination with a mission to empower modern women sizes 10-30. Our slogan, "Live with Ease, Dress with Joy," encapsulates our commitment to helping mid- and plus-size women find clothes that not only fit their bodies but also their lives. Here's a closer look at what drives us at BloomChic:

Accessible Fashion for All:  We believe that fashion should be accessible, and every woman, regardless of size, deserves to feel stylish, beautiful, and self-expressed. That's why we offer affordable clothing, so our customers can dress comfortably for their everyday lives without breaking the bank.

Online Convenience: We operate as an online-only store to make shopping easy and convenient. Our digital presence allows us to reach customers worldwide, ensuring accessibility to our fashion collections.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Inclusivity is at our core. We showcase our products on real women within our size range, and we celebrate diversity in all its forms, from skin tone to race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, culture, and background. We listen to our community and have extended our size range based on their valuable feedback.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our customer is our muse. We prioritize customer feedback in every decision we make, from product choices to addressing shipping concerns. We're dedicated to centering the plus community, amplifying their voices, and building their sense of worth and agency.

Sustainability Matters: We've made conscious choices to minimize waste and care for the environment. We use sustainable packaging, manufacture in small batches, and have recycling and returns programs to ensure our products find a second life.

Is BloomChic Authentic?

You must be thinking whether should i purchase dresses from BloomChic or not. So here is your answer. Yes, can fearlessly order from BloomChic.Some customers reviewed the product and showed bad reviews about it. So this is the reason why we are here to help you out, and clear all your answers. To find out the truth let’s see the customers Bloomchic’s review what they have to say and rate about the products.

Bloomchic review

Bloomchic review

Bloomchic review

Bloomchic review

Bloomchic review

Picked out some random clothes from different categories like sweaters, dresses, Bodycon, cardigans, and Blouses, and saw what we found.
Maximum Clothes have above 4.5 Rating and that’s a Green Signal for us to buy, purchase, and order from Bloomchic.

Pros and Cons of Bloomchic


  • One of the best things about Bloomchic is that for Plus size clothing, they offer a variety of options and comfort.
  • The design of the clothes is really beautiful and new
  • The material of the cloth is also reliable.


  • The most terrible thing about Bloomchic it takes too much time to do the delivery.Approx 12-14 days.
  • The customer service doesn’t support and I felt this is a major drawback of the brand.
  • Sometimes dresses shown in the picture come differently when delivered.

What Bloomchic has to offer?

BloomChic's inventory boasts an impressive selection of stylish, plus-sized clothing, making it an attractive prospect for potential customers. The brand's offerings encompass a broad spectrum of fashion categories, ensuring that shoppers have numerous choices to explore and express their unique styles.

Bloomchic options
Wide range of options for  








Fit and Sizing is an Issue?

The sizing of BloomChic's clothing items can be inconsistent, with some customers reporting sizing discrepancies between their usual sizes and the items they received. To address this challenge, prospective shoppers are encouraged to consult the provided measurements for each specific product and read BloomChic reviews for individual items. This approach can help customers determine the ideal size and assess whether others have experienced sizing issues with a particular product.

Quality and Durability

The quality of BloomChic's clothing items is a subject of debate among customers. While some express satisfaction with the quality, others are disappointed by thin fabrics and flimsy materials. Moreover, several customers note that the items they received do not closely resemble the images displayed on the BloomChic website. Quality perceptions appear to be subjective, with some shoppers pleased with the quality, particularly considering the prices, while others find it lacking.

After Service Bloomchic Review

Bloomchic services

To contact them you can sign up to their website and can write feedback or any message you want.

Bloomchic Return policy

You can go to “Free Return”  if you find something not suitable for you. Bloomchic gives you 45 days to return any product. You can read the following instructions by clicking on  “Free Return”.

Bloomchic payment method

You can choose a wide range of payment options by going to the “Payment Method” page.

Bloomchic shipping info

Bloomchic also gives a lot of options for shipping methods like STANDARD AND EXPRESS. And how shipping charges vary from place to place.


Is Bloomchic Expensive or Cheap?

Bloomchic price tag

BloomChic's pricing falls within the average range for plus-sized fast fashion brands, and it may even be slightly more affordable than some competitors. Prices typically range from $15 to $70, with occasional discounts available on the brand's sale page. However, it's essential to note that lower-priced items often correlate with lower quality. To maximize value, customers may consider opting for items priced above $20 to enhance quality assurance. Additionally, customers should be mindful of potential international fees when using debit or credit cards for transactions with BloomChic.


What range of clothing sizes does Bloomchic have?

Bloomchic size

Bloomchic product size
As we know very well this is a Plus Soze clothing brand and in their every cloth, they mention the size of their product as well as the size of the person buying.


Can I trust Bloomchic Reviews?

Bloomchic Linkedin

Yes, you can trust them they have a reputed LinkedIn page with 1000s of people following them. Why would anyone follow them if they are frauds? You don't have to worry about the truth for we are here.

Happy Shopping..!