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Dorothy Hamill’s haircut

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at one of the most iconic haircuts in history – Dorothy Hamill’s haircut. I am sure some of you’re not familiar with this haircut, it’s essentially a short, choppy Bob haircut that was popularized by the actress Dorothy Hamill in the 1970s. You guys have a one questions in your mind that why is this haircut so iconic? answer for this is for starters, it has a lot of character. It’s easy to style and very versatile – you can wear it straight or curly. Plus, it’s perfect for those who want a modern hairstyle without too much effort. So if you’re looking for an easy way to update your appearance, try a Dorothy Hamill haircut today!

Who created the wedge haircut?

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The wedge haircut, created by Trevor Sorbie in 1947 and popularized by Vidal Sassoon, is a short, layered style with longer layers near the face. It gained fame in the '70s when figure skater Dorothy Hamill sported it. This versatile cut suits all hair types, offering volume and everyday style. Maintenance every four to six weeks is essential due to its precision cut. A chic yet easy-to-style choice, the wedge remains timeless, reflecting its historical significance in the art of haircutting.

If you desire a contemporary and attention-grabbing hairstyle update, don't hesitate to give the wedge haircut a try!

What kind of cut is Dorothy Hamill haircut?

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At, we know that everyone's hair is different, that is why we offer so many different styles. Our Dorothy Hamill haircut is a great option for someone who wants a modern look with some volume. 
The Dorothy Hamill haircut is a classic bob style that has been updated with subtle layers and soft angles. The haircut radiates an elegant and sophisticated vibe, making it a perfect choice for any event. We offer a wealth of tips to assist you in achieving this look. 

1. Free-flowing Hairstyle

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For a free-flowing hairstyle to wear this summer? No further than Dorothy Hamill's classic bob haircut! The cut is easy to maintain, requiring just a light brushing every few days to keep it looking its best. you can add some natural waves with a curling iron or hot rollers, and then you're ready to hit the sandy beaches and pool parties!

2. Fine Bangs in Bowl Hairstyle

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For a stunning new hairstyle, try this Dorothy Hamill style. This haircut is dramatic and full of life, making it perfect for any occasion. The hairstylist creates a high pixie style with the hair, allowing it to cascade slightly beyond the shoulders. To create this look, start by styling your hair in a high bun using a hair tie. Begin at the front of your head and use a curling iron to wrap all your hair around the barrel, creating gentle waves around your head. Be mindful not to overdo it, aiming for subtle waves rather than excessive curls. You've finished curling all of your hair, take down your bun and let it fall slightly past your shoulders.  You can use a flat iron to smooth out all of the waves and frizzies around your head. Finally, apply some serum or hair wax to give your hair a healthy shine. You're ready to go!

3. Bowl Cut with Fringes

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For a new hairstyle? Dorothy Hamill may be just the inspiration you need! This stylish bowl cut with fringe is perfect for any woman who wants to update her look. Dorothy's haircut features short hair styled in a bowl shape with long, curly fringes framing the sides and back of her head.  unique style is perfect for those who want to add texture and volume to their hair. On-trend hairstyle that will make you stand out, give Dorothy Hamill's bowl cut a try!

4. Combed Back Pixie


Are you in search of a fashionable and effortless hairstyle that will set you apart from others? Try a combed back pixie cut! Having this versatile style is great for anyone looking for an updated look that's easy to manage. You can style it with whatever you have in your closet, and it'll more suit on you in any occasion. Here's you get how to combed back pixie cut with few below examples we have;-

5. Middle-Parted Honey Blonde Hair

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The Dorothy Hamill haircut is a classic middle-parted style that has been around for centuries.  flattering haircut features long hair neatly parted in the middle, with layers cut around the sides and back. Women with thick, curly hair, who desire a versatile hairstyle, will find this look to be ideal. To accomplish this style, begin by actively cutting your hair to a medium length on the sides and back, ensuring sufficient length to cover your ears. Next, part your hair in the middle and curl it using a curling iron or hot towel. layer your curls around the edges of your part, creating a natural-looking effect.

6. Shag Fringe with Highlights

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For a drastic change in your hairstyle, consider a shag fringe with highlights. This combination will give your hair a youthful, carefree appearance. To get the look, start by cutting your hair short on the sides and top, leaving long layers in the back. Next, use a curling iron to curl the strands inwards towards your scalp. Make sure to use plenty of heat so that the curls stay put.  you've finished curling, section off sections of hair using a comb or brush and blow them dry using a round brush or diffuser. You can apply your desired level of highlights using a hair dye or lightener. Use caution when applying highlights as too much can be damaging to your hair.

Everyone Wanted The Gold Medal Dorothy Hamill Hairstyle

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Everyone wanted the gold medal Dorothy Hamill hairstyle. This style is a classic bob with layers that cascade down the back. proportions are perfect, with a little bit of height added at the front to create balance. Versatile look can be achieved by using a good quality hair serum and hot tools to get that sleek blowout finish. 

Hope this article might be helpful for you, and you will surely love it!