Stories Fashion Find Out Which Are The Ten Most Prestigious Designer Handbag Brands In The History Of Fashion

Fashion trends are constantly being updated, and you, as a lover of these movements, should be up to date. For this new season, innovation is expected among the brands of classic bags for women, painting an incredible atmosphere. However, never forget which are the ten most prestigious designer bag brands in history. 
Perhaps as a new fan of fashion, you have a notion about the most valued brands of all time, but you will also be unaware of some. It is time for you to go into context about the bag brands that have gained more prestige and thus begin to give them priority. Each of these brands will stand out for their tailoring, beauty, and cost, which could be well over billions of euros. These designer bags tend to be worn by top models and even movie stars who love to rock something relevant. You could also try to join the trend of wearing brand bags. Just try to choose one of the ten favorite stores:

1. Louis Vuitton

Opening the list of the ten most prestigious handbag brands in history is Louis Vuitton. In recent decades, the brand has gained a presence in countries such as Spain, Russia, and the Nordic territory. Louis Vuitton currently has around 110,000 searches globally, so a good number knows it of people. What represents Louis Vuitton is its variety of handbags for women that follow the logomania trend. The product that most describes the brand is the famous "Louis Vuitton Alma Bag," whose context attracts more than one person who loves fashion.

2. Valentine

During your search for the top 10 designer handbag brands, Valentino's global search expands to over 22,000. Valentino is popularly known in more than 11 countries, including Monaco, Iceland, and Italy, where it is currently a trend. The bag brand is remembered for its iconic "Garavani Stud Sign," worn by stars like Tiffany Young and some members of the K-pop band CL. The funny thing about Valentino is that it offers bags with logos, metal-adorned hardware, and striking color. The bags are created for summer or winter, so you have flexibility.

3. Marc Jacobs

With around 18 thousand global searches, the Marc Jacobs brand ranks third, never forgotten. The brand gained fame with its "Snapshot" bag, which, even at this moment, is still trending worldwide. It is a brand for celebrities and ladies who want to look like movie stars for one night. 
Marc Jacobs offers bags with simple, beautiful designs that are useful for everyday use. The best thing about the brand is that its bags are affordable, attracting the eyes of more than one woman.

4. Yves Saint Laurent

Consider looking at the Yves Saint Laurent line to honor an innovative bag brand. It is a brand with around 3 thousand global searches and an impressive selection of women's bags. Yves Saint Laurent gives a type of spacious bag, beautiful on the outside and with a design that, for many, will look revolutionary. In your search for the Yves Saint Laurent collection, you will find the LouLou bag that gained authority at the time. It is a bag that stands out for its simple silhouette and square shape for any occasion. The bag also offers an excellent utility for casual outings or simple gatherings with friends.

5. Hilde Palladino

Hilde Palladino also deserves to be taken as one of the most prestigious designer bag brands in history. The Nordic brand has offered relevant designs in a highly exclusive collection. Hilde Palladino shows her approach to creating bags with white crocodile skin, diamonds, and some gold features. It is quite a particular brand of bags, although it is also known for offering bags of excellent purchasing value. You will be attracted to the brand, knowing that it is the only one to blame for combining precious stones like gold in a bag you might use daily.

6. Mouawad

Another of the most prestigious handbag brands in history is Mouawad, whose fame reaches more than six European countries. The brand is also considered one of the most expensive in the world, offering bags valued at 3.8 million dollars. The most important collection of the brand is "Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse", a bag made for models. This product occupies a space in the Guinness book of records for being the most expensive available in a fashion store.

7. Fendi

Unsurprisingly, the Italian brand Fendi occupies a position among the ten most prestigious bags in history. It is a brand with almost one century in operation that has gained priority among European movie stars and models. Fendi is also known for its "baguette" model, a short-strap bag with an incredible design. Baguette is also famous for its cost, valued at over $4,500.

8. Hermes

If you want to show off handcrafted bags with great detail, you should look at the Hermes collection. It is a luxury designer bag brand that does not go unnoticed by European movie stars. Hermes is famous for its "Birkin" line, which would be a unique women's bag due to its design, space, and exclusivity. Although the Birkin bag is not currently in Hermes stores, it could be located at auction for a very high value.

9. Prada

Among the latest designer handbag brands in the world is Prada, whose search expands to more than 50,000 options. Prada is not only prestigious in Europe, where it was born, but also in almost any continent in the world because many celebrities take the brand due to its quality in colors, style, and cost. Prada is well remembered for its SS21 line that featured a minimalist design promising to renew your . The SS21 line also offers various designs, colors, and endless textures.

10. Chanel

As the latest prestigious handbag brand, you will come across Chanel and its many collections. It is a brand that is a priority in Norway, Spain, Russia, and the United Kingdom, although it has also transcended the United States. The years will pass, and Chanel will always be remembered for its Coco Chanel line that was created over half a century. This line stands out for its classic, compact bags with ample space inside combined with any garment you wear.


It's good to remember the ten most prestigious designer handbag brands in history so that you start prioritizing them. You could investigate further about these brands and find that their exclusivity is more immense than you think. Each designer bag brand has its design, functionality, and cost characteristics. It is good that you know which collections gave prestige to these brands so that you can buy the bags if the opportunity arises.