Stories Fashion How Fashion Has Made Strides In The Virtual/Online World

Gone are the days when fashion and trending high fashion were the preserve of the rich and famous. You don't need to go into a high-end boutique to access bespoke fashion and design to access them today. It is now all available online. The internet, e-commerce and online social media have begun to change the fashion industry forever.

Fashion marketing and buying take place online

Social media has become the number one marketing platform for fashion in the information age. Social media influencers are the main dimension of this process. It’s those that we follow and want to emulate that now provide the best fashion models that there are, and we all want to wear what they’re wearing and attempt to style ourselves after them, all based on what we see on their social media.

As with anything that has begun to grow and spread as the online fashion industry has, shops are springing up everywhere you look, promising to send your purchase as soon as they get your cash. And just as you would review the online casino at places like, you need to read reviews and recommendations of these online fashion shops before you start shopping.

Online is where fashion is worn, just as we play games, watch films and interact with one another online.

It’s no longer just about what we're seen wearing on the street or at functions and events, but it’s become a lot more about what we're seen in online. Just as the top fashion brands market themselves online and on social media, social interaction has become very much about showing your style and fashion off online.

The virtual fitting room

Being able to walk into the shop, choose the fashion items that you are interested in and then try them on, all from the comfort of your home, is a great new means of keeping fashion at the cutting edge. Using augmented reality and artificial intelligence, online technology is able to place the item of clothing selected over the live image of the customer. It’s a win-win outcome in the sense that it is convenient for the customer and saves huge amounts of money in terms of premises and staffing for the business.

Fashion is now more inclusive

Both the design of and access to high-end fashion and even just big-name street brands are now available to all and sundry as long as you have access to the internet and the money to afford the purchases. You don't have to travel to the high-end store and nor do you need to leave the comfort of your own home to both look at, try on and then buy the fashion items, no matter how high-end or bespoke they may be.

Fashion has always been at the forefront of business changes, and the internet has enhanced and sped up these changes. We now see a uniquely different world of fashion, and these changes have been predominantly based on technology.