Stories Skin Care How IPL At Home Stacks Up Against Other Hair Removal

Bodily hairs are natural but they look unattractive when their growth increases over time. It can be due to hormonal disturbance or any health condition like PCOs. Whenever there is a problem, it has a solution, and for a tidy and attractive look, excessive hairs must be removed. There is a long list of choices in this case from advanced depilatory hair removal creams to razors.

Laser hair removal was added as a permanent hair removal solution in the last decade but nowadays IPL at home has become a common option for hair removal. Laser removal at home is much better than IPL at salons and clinics because it is a hassle-free and economical option. It is a great way to take matters into your own hands by the use of technology that is at your home.

At-home IPL Devices:

Conventionally hairs are removed by waxing, razor, creams, and threading but IPL and laser hair removal methods can be stacked up against these procedures. Gradually with time, IPL will take control over all hair removal options but recently more than one procedure are being used to get silky soft hair-free skin.

IPL is an abbreviation of Intense Pulsed Light, which is emitted from the head of the device and penetrates the hair follicle to destroy melanin pigment in it. Hair strands fall within a week and their regrowth is delayed due to hair follicle damage. Continuous and repeated sessions result in almost permanent hair removal leaving your skin hair free.

Laser devices at offices are used by professionals and they have specific wavelengths to only target melanin as compared to IPL devices at home that target brown spots as well.

Fringe Benefits of Using At-home IPL Device:

It is pleasing to use at-home IPL devices like Ulike IPL at-home in many ways such as it can be used for any body part at any time. It is available at home, therefore, it saves time for a visit to the saloon. Ulike and Bruan home IPL devices recommend using it once a week in the beginning and then every 3 weeks when the device is in hands, the delay has opted and the routine is maintained.

At-home IPL devices are cost-effective as well because you have purchased them once and it is your property throughout your life. Different brands have mentioned the number of flashed lights emitted per device and as per calculations, it is enough for a lifetime.

Drawbacks of Using IPL at home:

Most of the IPL devices at home are safe but according to dermatologists, they are being used by unprofessionals therefore can result in burns and itching. There are multiple power setting options for each device and if you use the wrong one, it can result in scarring, discoloration, and blistering.

IPL targets melanin when heat energy is sufficient to destroy it but when heat energy is low to kill the hair follicle, it can induce hair growth leading to a condition called paradoxical hair stimulation.

Therefore if you want to stack up IPL at home along with other hair removal methods, it is necessary to follow the guidelines given on the website and user guide of each IPL device.