Stories Tips & Tricks How Much Money Should You Give for a Wedding Gift?

When you are invited to a wedding, the first question arised is which gift you should prepare for the couple. Most of the time, the best gift is money. It always works, as the couple won’t be disappointed and can buy what they really need. The second question is how much to give at a wedding. It is very important to take this question into consideration. To consider it, you need to take into account whether you are close friends, relatives, colleagues or just distant acquaintances. To decide on the amount, think about your budget, local customs and relationship with the couple.

Gift-Giving Etiquette

How much to give at a wedding?’ is a question to which you can get completely different answers, depending on how close you are to the bride and groom. Of course, your generosity may have no limits. However, if you follow the etiquette and rules accepted in society, it is just as indecent to give a gift that is too expensive as one that is too cheap. It's essential to give a gift that demonstrates your best wishes for the couple's future. Here are the factors to consider:

  • The place of celebration. The best thing is to ask how much a place in a restaurant costs. And add 30% to this amount. If you are a close relative of the newlyweds, 50% must be added to the cost of the seat.
  • Your relationship. If you are a close friend or relative, then the cash is donated more than from colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances who donate less. Only you decide how much to give at the wedding of your girlfriend, brother, colleague, friend, or neighbor for a wedding.
  • Your budget. Is $100 enough for a wedding gift from a couple? $100 for a wedding gift is actually quite enough if you have an average income and are a distant family member, an employee, and an unintended guest.
  • Local customs. How much cash to give at a wedding depends on where you live and where the newlyweds live. Residents of big cities tend to give a lot of money because the cost of living is much higher than in suburban areas. So, what is the average amount of money given at a wedding?

Never compare the amount you give with the value the youth spent. How much money to present for a wedding is only your individual matter. Many factors affect how much people can spend on a gift. According to wedding industry experts, the average amount of money given at a wedding falls between $100 and $200 per guest. When thinking about how much cash to give at a wedding, you can give as much for the wedding as is convenient for you.

Whoever you are for the newlyweds, remember that money remains the most desirable wedding gift. To begin with, find out how much to give at a wedding is okay for you personally. Then think about how to give a gift — beautiful, funny, or stylish packaging with monetary content