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How Soon Do You See Results From Laser Hair Removal?

Hair removal can be fussy and frustrating, to say the least. Whether you are doing underarms, upper lips, or bikini lines, hair-removing techniques like plucking and waxing can be very painful. And a razor is not very effective in most cases.

Laser hair removal offers the ultimate solution. It saves you the inconvenience and cost of monthly hair removal appointments. 
With laser hair removal, you see results just after a week of the first session.

How Fast Do You See Results With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal results can be noticed a week after the first session. Customers notice hair fall out and slow growth of regrowing hair. And this is just the beginning.

However, as laser only affects growing hair, follicles in the dormant state will neither be destroyed nor will their growth rate be hindered. Hence follow-up treatment sessions are required. They will target follicles that have transitioned to the growth phase. As the number of sessions increases, results will also improve.

Roughly four weeks after the final session, you will have very little to no growth. Also, the growing hair will not be as thick and dense as it was before.  

How Long Will The Treatment Session Take?

Treatment sessions can take anywhere between 1 minute to 60 minutes. The amount of time required depends upon several factors including the size of the area being treated.

So, it may just take a minute to do the upper lips, while it will take around 25 to 30 mins for both legs. Similarly, it will take around 5 to 7 mins for both underarms. However, the time required is nothing compared to the lasting effects the treatment offers.

Most people will have hair-free skin for the rest of their lives. Some may experience a small amount of regrowth of follicles due to medical conditions like hormonal imbalance.

How Often Can You Get Treatment?

How many treatments you require will depend upon the quality of your hair. So, people who have denser, and thicker hair will require more treatment sessions as compared to people with thin hair. Generally, most treatments last for around four to eight sessions. But the number may vary for the reason described above. So, it can be as low as two for some and as high as two dozen for others.

Also, spacing the sessions is very important. As laser affects only growing hair follicles, care must be taken that the hair is in the growing phase on the scheduled appointment. This generally happens four to six weeks after the previous appointment. This period will also ensure that the skin has recovered from any irritation from the previous treatment.

However, missing a treatment can cause a major setback, especially in the initial rounds of treatment. A miss will hinder the progress and you will be back to stage one.

When Should You Have Maintenance Appointment?

Once you have completed your laser treatment, you can schedule maintenance appointments every 6 to 12 months. These are required to maintain consistency in reduced hair growth.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation With SEV

Laser Hair Removal is the signature service at SEV laser. Its permanent hair reduction treatment makes sure that the results last and that you are gifted with smooth, hair-free skin.

SEV has noticed that its clients achieve total smoothness with complete hair removal in 6 to 12 weeks.
The treatment targets and removes unwanted body hair from all body parts no matter where they grow. Some of the laser removal services on offer are:
● Arms Laser Hair Removal 
● Back Laser Hair Removal 
● Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal 
● Full Body Laser Hair Removal 
● Full Facial Laser Hair Removal 
● Men Laser Hair Removal

Yes, there is no gender distinction here. While many may only imagine women when thinking about beauty enhancement or cosmetic treatments, men too need to take care of their bodies. Also, many professions require men to be in their best physical form and that is not in modeling alone. Cyclists and swimmers prefer leg hair removed, and for those looking for a more long-lasting solution, Bare Waxing and Laser services from can be a great option. Bodybuilders go for full-body hair removal, which can also be achieved through these services.

While men are no strangers to hair removal, they may not be that acquainted with this amazing long-lasting, one-off cost technique that has impressed women ever since it hit the market.  

So, what are the places most men get treated for?

The most common treatment areas for men are the back, neck, chest, shoulders, back of the neck, and around the outline of their facial hair. With 9 branches all over the country, SEV Laser has the means and expertise to get the best results for you. With more men discovering the benefits of laser hair removal, it is worth a try.

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