Stories Tips & Tricks How To Choose An Ai-proof Career In 2023

Robots are taking over! You’re going to be replaced by someone (yes! someone!) like robot Sophia, especially if you’re working as a shop assistant, customer care representative, accountant, receptionist, or courier. Military pilots and security guards are at lower risk of losing their jobs to AI. Their job-losing risk level ranges from 40% to 60%. As for the professions listed above, the risk levels are the following:

  • Shop Assistant — 73%;
  • Customer Care — 82%;
  • Receptionist — 93%;
  • Courier — 94%;
  • Accountant — 100%.

So, if you’re planning to work in those fields, do it right now while you still have a chance. It is believed that everything is going to be automated soon. When you want to have some extra free time, you check out the online services, and professional writers craft perfect essays for you. But is there a chance that an AI will do an essay for you in the future? Unlikely.

There are lists of professions that won’t need humans in the foreseeable future. And there are lists of professions where AI is highly unlikely to replace humans. CEOs won’t be replaced by AI. Surgeons won’t be replaced by AI. That’s more or less obvious. But let’s check other professions. 


The chances that robots will replace teachers or professors are close to zero. No matter what your attitude to the profession is, it is much more than just providing students with information. AI can easily do that. What AI can’t do is make sure that the students understand the information. 

Educators can adjust their teaching style to students, which AI is not that good at. Successful teaching comes from educators understanding their students’ emotions, which allows them to build strong relationships with the latter. 

For AI, seeking an individual approach to each student would be extremely difficult. So, it’s unlikely that robots will replace educators in this or any other century. 


AI seems to be getting better and better when it comes to checking spelling and grammar mistakes, from Microsoft’s Spell Checker to Grammarly and LanguageTool. And while the profession of a proofreader is at risk, editors are still safe. It can check and proofread documentation, and it’s much cheaper than hiring editors for that. But AI is still far from perfect.

Yes, it can learn from its own mistakes, yet it faces problems when analyzing literary texts. It cannot grasp the metaphors, idioms, and richness of the language when it comes to something more difficult than microwave manuals. So, for artistic texts, editors are always going to be needed. 


Legal professionals can access and comprehend data faster than ever thanks to AI’s present capabilities, which enables them to make better judgments more quickly. Furthermore, AI-powered document analysis can save lawyers’ time spent locating particular clauses in agreements or rules. 

To settle cases swiftly and effectively, some lawyers are starting to put more faith in robots than their fellow lawyers. Yet, human lawyers will continue to be essential because AI cannot fully comprehend the complexities of laws, such as those found in intricate international agreements, or discern human emotions and intents when it comes to crime.

Event Planners

Given how quickly AI is developing, the event planning profession may soon be obsolete. Still, being able to make an experience come to life is something that AI is still not capable of. Once again, you need to understand human emotions to make things properly, and that requires being human yourself. 

Another thing is dealing with the human factor and unforeseeable events. Event planners are uniquely able to employ their creative thinking and problem-solving talents to foresee and quickly address unforeseen issues on the day of an event, something that AI couldn’t do as successfully. So, you’re safe if you’re an event planner. 


So, now it’s time to figure out who will execute your paper order from one of the admission essay writing services, a human writer or a skilled AI? When it comes to essay writers and copywriters, and any profession that requires creating written content on demand, the chances are that AI is going to get the job. Yes, at the time of writing, any AI-produced content requires serious editing. But things may change in the next ten to twenty years. 

But don’t worry if you’re planning to become a novelist or a screenwriter. You won’t be replaced by AI. But it can aid you. Firstly, it will correct some of your spelling and grammar errors. Secondly, if you don’t have an idea for the next screenplay or novel but have some scenes or images in your head, you can feed them to something like ChatGPT, and it will suggest ideas for the story. 

Final Thoughts

The list of jobs and occupations AI won’t take is much longer. Graphic designers, computer scientists, and psychiatrists, to name a few. And all in all, there’s no point in getting paranoid. The future is here not to take your job but rather to make life easier for you.