Stories Tips & Tricks How To Create Engaging Brochures That Drive Results


The visibility of a company influences how much value that company raises over time. Boosting the visibility of a business takes careful and strategic planning in order to ensure marketing or advertising options are worth the finances spent on them.

When looking for cost-effective options for marketing, a number of advertising options come to mind, but few offer the reach, portability, and effectiveness that brochures do. Online marketing options can seem like a tempting replacement, but it is proven statistically that incorporating printed materials into your advertising campaign is 400% more effective than depending on online marketing alone.

With the help of HelloPrint let us help you improve the trajectory and visibility of your business through the following steps on how to create engaging brochures:

Know your customers.

You can only start your brochure design when you know who it is targeted at. Assess the age range, gender, marital status, or other important metrics of the set of people you are trying to appeal to. Designs, colours, or even language that might appeal to a teenage girl will most likely not appeal to a man in his forties.

Understanding your audience and what might appeal to them is the first step to designing compelling material that they will be unable to ignore.

Create a captivating design.

Knowledge of your audience should give you a sense of direction on how to go about your design. Use design elements bound to catch the eye of anyone who glances at it. Here are the design elements to focus on when creating your brochure:

Eye-catching images

Select images that captivate the reader once they are seen. The images you select must be of the highest quality, exude professionalism, and give the viewer a feeling of class. Download high-definition images that are easy on the eye and would easily steal the attention of anyone.

These images must also relay the message you are trying to send and make sense in the context of the entire brochure.

Select fitting colours

The importance of your colour scheme is not one that can be overlooked. The colours you choose play a huge role in how the brochure you are designing is perceived.

Colours have the ability to evoke emotions, so you want to make sure you are relaying the right ones. Research colours and the emotions they evoke to ensure you are sending across the message that you want to.

Ensure the colours of your brand are represented in the design you are creating. You want this brochure to be stunning, but you also want it to represent your brand, and there is no better way to do it than through your brand's colours.

Use icons

Due to how much our world has become digital, people can now interpret icons on the go. Use these icons to relay messages that would normally take a number of words to say.

These icons add a livelier look to your brochure and give the reader a sense that it is more modern.

Be sure not to rely on these icons too much, as unlike with digital devices, they cannot be clicked on, and you do not want to get lost in translation.

Experiment with whole cover images.

Unlike the regular incorporation of images into your brochure, with this, white space is completely removed. More emphasis is laid on the image that is chosen and colour that you have selected.

Be careful with whole cover images, as they can feel overwhelming if not correctly balanced. Pay attention to the balance between the image and the colours you have chosen; if one is too bright, ensure the other is dimmer. Create the perfect blend between them for a spellbinding look.

The layout

The layout has the responsibility to put all the designs you have created and the content you have written up in perfect sync. You could create the layout yourself or download a professional layout that is easily accessible on the internet.

Stunning typography

This is the last major element of your design. Unique typography has the tendency to be quite intriguing and stay on a person's mind for longer. People stare in wonder when typography fits together perfectly.

Experiment with peculiar fonts and put together something never seen before to keep eyes glued to your brochure.

Create the written content.

A brochure is made to advertise your goods or services, but it should not be crowded with too much information. Select information that you know is important and summarise it using bullet points and other literary elements.

Create a compelling headline that would grab the attention of the reader and interest them enough to go through the entire material.

Communicate your ideas using clear and concise language that is easily understandable by your chosen demographic.

Use punchlines and one liners that would make for an interactive read, but be sure to not overdo it so as not to lose the reader's interest.

Create a clear call to action to give the reader an idea of exactly what you want them to do. Attend this auction, be present for this sale; the call to action is the main point communicated by your brochure.

Create a unique structure.

Brochures are usually presented in the popular trifold format, but there are many other ways you can present a brochure. You could go classic with the half-fold or Z-fold or be more experimental with the gate fold or double gate fold. Whatever style or structure you go for, ensure to provide the reader with an experience they are bound to remember.

Proofread and print.

Errors after publication are one of the worst things you can discover as a business owner. It could cost you customers who now doubt your competence, and it could also ruin company morale. Do your due diligence before the final print: Cross all T's and dot all I's.

After the final edit is done, ensure you contact high-quality printers that will give you the best value for your money. Use high-quality print materials as well as a good finish.


Creating a brochure gives you the chance to showcase your brand and bring to light what you have to offer. It provides an easy-to-carry means of advertising that is cost-effective and can improve your brand's visibility.

Try out brochures today to generate the results you want and get closer to your business goals.