Stories Fashion How To Level Up Your Fashion Fundamentals?

Does your wardrobe feel outdated? You need professional assistance if you've been stuck for a while and have run out of outfit ideas. Unleash your creativity to create distinctive looks using basic clothing items. You must understand basic fashion fundamentals to make heads turn each time you go out. This guide will unravel the highly effective tips and tricks for developing a sophisticated fashion sense. 

Establish the vibe

Whenever someone's appearance and style woo you, you should ask yourself: What do I like in her? Why is she so magnificent? Do you know why they draw your attention? These women dress in a way that reflects their mood or personality. Let's take famous Hollywood celebrities as examples. While Kim Kardashian's take on sexy is a deep neck with cleavage, Meghan Markle seems fantastic in pointed black stiletto heels and jeans. These are instances of elements of personal style. You, too, should find an aspect that makes you feel smart, confident, and happy. 

Familiarize yourself with the color theory.

Women's basics of fashion begin with understanding color theory. It contributes greatly to influence how people perceive you and decides your mood. Colors have many aspects, such as analogous colors, monochromatic schemes, and complementary colors. Get to understand them. And you'll see that your choice of pops and neutrals in your wardrobe will enhance. 

Learn the rules 

You'll develop the best personal styles when creativity clashes with competency. You might know naturally or acquire it with years of observation. Dive into the science of fashion and apply the learnings to real-life scenarios. As you soak in the technicalities, creativity will come to you effortlessly. 

Identify your body type. 

As far as fashion is concerned, the body is your paper, and you're the artist. Before you pick up the paintbrush, it's essential to understand its texture, absorption capability, and other features. The same goes for planning an outfit. It begins with identifying your body type and then moving forward with accessorizing it. Identifying your body type involves getting the proportions right, the relationship between figure & clothing design, and making smart purchases. 

Grooming is an essential piece of the puzzle. 

All your efforts will go in vain if you put a lot of thinking into everything but grooming. Imagine a well-dressed woman walking down the street. But the moment you look closely, you notice that her hair is undone, her teeth aren't brushed, or she doesn't have appropriate body language. This results in a bad representation. So, choose your ponytail. How is it gonna be? I woke up like this mess or chic & sleek. A little bit of effort on your part can make a huge difference. 

Design a versatile wardrobe. 

A versatile wardrobe is a foundation for a great personal style. Go all in while you're building the wardrobe. Combining premium quality and timeless pieces can birth interesting outfits. You must have classic white shirts, LBDs, blazers, customized trousers, and comfy jeans. The more options you've got, the more room it provides for creativity. 

Accessorize purposely 

It's the final finishing touch that can make or break the look. Always complement the outfit with quality accessories such as statement jewelry, belts, handbags, and scarves. If chosen thoughtfully, these elements are powerful enough to elevate any outfit. 

Don't shy away from a little too much.

Have you ever looked at something so gorgeous and wondered, "I can never pull this off"? This happens because you're afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone. While a tiny part of yourself wants to explore such options, the other dominates and raises such questions. Instead of trying to fit into a crowd, always try to form your identity, even if it means standing out. Try on something that you usually don't wear. It could be a new vibrant lipstick shade, a weird pair of shoes, or a not-so-sophisticated top. 

Add neutrals 

Incorporating neutrals in your otherwise vibrant wardrobe is as important as experimenting with unusual elements time and again. Are you bored of wearing the same bright colors? You might as well add neutrals such as greens, blushes, browns, camels, and burgundy. Yes, you can wear these colors as neutrals. 


And we arrive at the end of this interesting guide. Dive into all the concepts mentioned earlier & you'll come out as a seasoned fashionista from it. Upscaling in fashion fundamentals has never been easy. And while you're at it- have fun, and stay bold. Celebrate your individuality through a unique sense of style.