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Sherwani is a South Asian overcoat worn by men, especially in Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi weddings. Recently, sherwanis have gained attention worldwide, particularly in the USA, UK, and Canada. This post will provide ideas on styling your sherwani for Indian occasions.

Add a Mala:

Source: Sherwani Company

Mala is Indian jewelry for men, particularly worn with sherwanis. As seen in the picture above, it significantly enhances the look. Consider adding a mala to your sherwani.

Consider adding Jutti:

Jutti is an ethnic shoes that are worn with sherwani. This shoes give a pure Indian vibe and perfect jutti would be shoes which are made of the same fabric as sherwani.

Pay Attention to Fit:

Source: Ethnic World UK

Every dress is perfect when it has the best fit. Although readymade sherwanis are inexpensive, I would suggest always going for a custom made sherwani. It would give you an amazing look.

Consider the Occasion:

Source: Pinterest

Choose your sherwani based on the occasion. If you want to wear for haldi function go for a yellow sherwani with little embroidery and heavy embroidered sherwani is best for wedding wear. For engagement and reception you can consider Indo Western Sherwani.

Choose the right Color:

Source: Instagram

Color plays a vital role in choosing sherwani, so select the perfect color for your attire. There are various factors you should consider while choosing the right color of which the most important is your favorite color. A sherwani can be made in any desired color, so do consider your favorite color. Apart from this you can also consider color based on your skin. Golden sherwanis are liked and loved in India whereas people of UK choose black sherwani and Off white sherwani is a top choice for USA. 

Confidence is a must:

Regardless of what you're wearing, confidence is the best style you can follow. Stand tall, carry yourself well, and feel good in what you're wearing as this would definitely boost you and enhance your overall appearance. These are some of the styles you could follow for perfect sherwani.

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