Stories Tips & Tricks How To Survive Your First Minnesota Winter In Style

Minnesota is among one of the best countries and from wherever you are, you'll love its culture, history and friendly people. But the harsh winters are something you need to be ready for. Temperatures drop into the minuses routinely in the Gopher State, and the wind just makes things worse, so you need to know how to dress and arrange logistics for the temperature when you live there. We can survive our first Minnesota winter in style through different ways.

Consider Switching Your Car

Planning to drive a tiny car it might be a great idea, if its according to your budget. Getting used to snowy roads will take time and will only be tougher if you're driving a smaller vehicle.

Wear Layers

Layering is extremely important if you want to survive bitter colds. It is because air is one of the best insulators there is, and each space between the layers creates an additional barrier that will be filled with your body's heat. That is why wearing multiple layers is always better than just having one thick layer.

Invest in a Good Jacket

You still have to invest in a nice winter jacket, however. If you're looking for something luxurious yet warm, a Moncler jacket from should be on your list. While they are branded as luxury jackets, they are a true snow gear brand and are made to resist harsh French Alp winters. So, they will not only look great but, but they will protect you from heavy winds and bitter colds too.

Don’t Forget Your Head and Extremities

Hands, head, and feet have more difficulty retaining heat, so you will have to be extra careful.

Let’s start with your feet. Feet can freeze very quickly if they’re not protected, especially if they get wet, and you will get a lot of wet snow in Minnesota. So, you have to make sure that you invest in good boots with water protection. You also need to invest in some good, thick socks.

When it comes to the hands, mittens are better than gloves. This is because they will give you some of that extra body heat. You can invest in gloves too, just make sure that they're made from a wind-resistant material, or your hands will freeze.

How strong the wind is will determine what you wear on your head. The wind is what will get you freezing faster than anything, so you will need a good heavy scarf to protect you from wind gusts. You should also get a nice hat like a knitted toque, bomber hat, or bucket hat if you want to go extra stylish.

Get a Fireplace

Try to get one fireplace at you home. You will learn to love staying inside once you get to the state, and nothing will make your home more comfortable during snowy winter nights than a nice wood fire. You can also choose fireplaces that run on electricity or gas if you want.

Get Into Cocooning

You should start thinking of ways to make your home more fun and inviting. Invest in plush fabrics and protect the interior from the cold with heavy curtains and a good heating system. Consider underfloor heating if you haven't already, and at least look into advanced ventilation and smart heating.

Learn How to Enjoy Winter Sports

You shouldn’t be scared of the winter, however. Winter can be a fun so enjoy it. Some of the options include snowboarding, skating and hockey. In the winter, the NHL season is also in full swing.

If you want to enjoy this coming winter there, follow our tips and start asking questions to people already living in the state.