Stories Accessories How To Wear Jewelry With Your Lingerie

Jewelry and lingerie can be two of the most luxurious things to buy, give, or receive. They both make fantastic gifts, and who doesn’t like to receive jewelry as a surprise?

Lingerie is something that can be gifted, or bought for oneself. And the market is huge, so clearly many men and women are enjoying lingerie. According to Globe Newswire, demand for lingerie will surpass $84 billion by 2028.

As a first thought, you might not think about how you wear your lingerie with your jewelry. After all, one is more private than the other. Jewelry is on public display, or most of it can be. Whereas lingerie is generally a more private affair.

However, they both have some things in common, and at times they can complement each other.

The history of lingerie

Lingerie perhaps dates back to the 18th century. Certainly, there are plenty of existing examples from that era on display in museums. Those early examples often came from France, and are very modest compared with some of today’s lingerie.

Yet, despite their modesty, there is still something appealing, or erotic even, about them. Lingerie slowly started to be more revealing and erotic. Later, accessories such as hosiery, namely stockings, would be introduced.

But before it got anywhere near the stockings of today, hosiery was somewhat different hundreds of years ago.

When it comes to the history of hosiery, it may not be what you expect. Back in the 15th century, it was men, not women, who were wearing this type of legging. How things have changed.

Now, hosiery comes in different materials including cotton, wool, nylon of course, and the more luxurious silk.

When was jewelry first worn?

According to Statista, the global diamond jewelry market was worth $68 billion in 2020. The overall revenue dropped from the previous year by $11 billion after the market had been fairly steady for 10 years.

This was likely to do with the lockdowns that millions of people endured. Not much point in buying fine jewelry if there is nowhere to wear it.

Diamonds have had a checkered past as far as controversy goes. But, there is no denying that they make stunning jewelry, and can make a woman dazzle.

Why should you wear lingerie and jewelry?

Everyone should be free to make their own choices, and lingerie is not for everyone. Some people adore diamonds, while others prefer more unique personalized jewelry.

Nevertheless, the two items go hand-in-hand in some ways, and many women, and men, enjoy them.

Lingerie can make a woman feel extra confident, and while no one else might see what you are wearing, it can make you feel great. Lingerie can help accentuate a woman’s body shape, and some women like to do personal photoshoots for their own personal enjoyment.

Obviously, lingerie is also worn for other pleasures, and sometimes to please a partner. It can certainly make certain personal moments more interesting and give an extra frisson to a romantic night.

How should you accessorize with lingerie?

If you are wearing your favorite lingerie on a night out, then you should already be feeling good about yourself. Adding some beautiful jewelry will just add even more to your self-esteem.

There are some simple, but beautiful diamond dangle necklaces by Roberto Coin that would fit the bill.

Other accessories for a night out might be a stylish pair of heels, and silk stockings with lace tops. Especially if you are on a romantic night with a loved one.

How do you match jewelry up with lingerie?

Delicate jewelry is ideal when wearing lace. The simple diamond Russian ring necklace UK from would draw attention to the neck.

Earrings are important too. While you don’t want to overdo how much jewelry you are wearing, you want your partner’s eyes to be drawn to your face and neck. If this is a romantic moment of course.

There are also bra chains. This is a type of jewelry that is incorporated into the lingerie and is worn in public or private. There are different types of bra chains that can be visible when worn with regular clothing or hidden.

Lastly, there is also lingerie that is worn as fashion, as sported by Megan Fox on occasion. In this case, choose jewelry to match your outfit as you normally would.

What is lingerie-inspired jewelry?

As a quick side note, there is such a thing as jewelry that has been inspired by lingerie. Think bows, lace, and delicate shapes turned into diamond necklaces or bracelets.

This type of jewelry isn’t just inspired by lingerie, it also matches it very well, and complements it.


One very special time to treat yourself to some fine lingerie is on a wedding night. When it comes to bridesmaid gift ideas, jewelry is often a popular choice. However, hopefully, your partner will have already bought you something along those lines.

So, why not treat yourself to some beautiful lingerie, and then choose some delicate items of jewelry to make yourself feel like a million dollars.