Stories Tips & Tricks How To Write A Flawless Fashion School Essay

Of course, a fashion school is the perfect place to go if you love fashion. But your practical designing classes aren't the only things to expect as a student. Like others, you are going to have a lot of assignments, interesting courses, and different teaching approaches. Moreover, you're going to write essays too. Why? Because you're still a college student. In this article, we discuss the main points of writing the best texts. 

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Fashion Essay Writing Structure

An essay about fashion still follows the structure of a regular paper. What that implies is that the step-to-step structure still holds.

The main parts of a paper on fashion design are:

  • Introduction
  • The Body
  • Conclusion


A good introduction hooks your reader – your teacher. Your professor would grade your fashion essay like a regular one, so don't see it like a designer. It's vital to keep your introduction paragraph short and concise.

The introduction aims to state the research problem and your stance or viewpoint. Start with some relevant statistics or a saying from an authority in the industry.

The Body

The body is where you explain your viewpoint to your reader. If it's an argumentative essay, that is where you convince your reader about why your stance is correct.

Generally, the body needs to consist of three to four paragraphs. Dedicate each paragraph to a point, and the first sentence states what the whole section is about.

Infusing facts, statistics, and quotes give each point more credibility. In any case, it should not be overdone – you don't want to bombard your reader with so many facts that it overshadows your opinion. Also, transition words like “however, furthermore, moreover” enhance the flow as you move from one paragraph to the next


The conclusion includes just one paragraph, so it is essential to make it brief and concise. The concluding paragraph is your opportunity to end on a powerful note. It doesn’t have to repeat what you've mentioned in the exact words.

The final paragraph contains one concluding statement of your opinion and a summary of your abovementioned points. It is the part where you leave a “last impression.”

Tips For Writing Your Fashion Essay

Aside from the structure, there are general tips to help you write flawlessly and impress your teacher. Some mistakes are common among the students – from wrong topics to generic opinions, hence the importance of the following tips:

Choosing your topic

Sometimes, your professor might give you a specific topic to write on. However, when your teacher gives you a theme and asks you to pick any topic you like, you need to consider some essential factors.

It's crucial to choose a topic that is relevant to the theme. For instance, if the theme is the style of working-class women, a topic like “trendy fashion styles” is a sure fail.

Furthermore, it's essential to research your proposed topic before you decide, so you know if you'll have enough resources to write on it. The more resources you have on a topic, the easier it'll be for you to write. It's a mistake to pick fashion essay topics because they sound interesting randomly.

Expressing your opinions

One thing about every essay on fashion designer trends or happenings is that it serves as a platform to express your unique opinions. You're writing to explain what a concept means to you, not everybody. 

It's essential to stay away from generic statements and opinions. Your text has to express fresh ideas and opinions, not repeat what several articles have explained. Get out of the 'safe corner' of other people's words and use original words instead.


The fact that you're writing an essay about fashion isn't a reason to skip the research. Although fashion encourages voicing your unique opinions, don’t build your piece solely on your thoughts. 

It's crucial to know what others have said on a topic to help you shape your viewpoint. From blogs to textbooks and articles, your research needs to cut across different resources. Go through as many research topics about fashion as possible. You'll only convince your reader of your opinion if you acknowledge the opposing views.


Fashion is an art of detail, so your piece should not be vague. From your illustrations to suggestions, they can only have weight when they are well-detailed. When writing an essay on fashion among students, include the tiniest details. The one that mentions the common student styles and even popular colors has more potential than one that only covers styles.

Standing out

Aside from writing a text with original words, it has to stand out. While it's true that you're still a college student, feel free to let your text portray your creativity. If the assignment instruction doesn't specify font styles or sizes, use stylish fonts. You are even allowed to use the same elegant font, making it a kind of 'signature' style.

Errors To Avoid While Writing

Although the tips mentioned above have addressed the general errors to avoid in an essay about fashion, here are more specific errors to avoid:

  • Using too many casual words
  • Going against the required structure 
  • Repetition of the same points
  • Failure to proofread your text

Final thoughts

Whether it's an application essay or a regular writing assignment in a fashion school, following the highlighted tips help you to write it flawlessly. You have a unique style, and you're in fashion school to develop that style- a good text reflects that. Your writing assignments have to leave a good impression on your professor or teacher.

Your writing is a vital part of your overall performance at school. It's not some unimportant aspect of learning. Aside from creating fantastic pieces, you're in school to learn how to present your ideas to the public. Think about it, if fashion were only about the practical part, there wouldn't be magazines and blogs. Every essay on fashion is as critical as every aspect of being in such a type of school.