Stories Accessories Jewellery Investment – How To Choose Timeless Pieces Wth Lasting Value

When it comes to buying or investing in jewellery, the first question that most customers ask themselves is whether what they are looking for is a want or a need.

A great piece of jewellery has the power to transform and elevate an outfit; can pull together a formal look with ease or dress up an everyday aesthetic and carry it from day to night. What’s more, many luxury jewellery brands also double as excellent investment opportunities, offering timeless pieces which last the test of time and can be sold on the second hand market for higher prices.

In this article, we’re looking at how to select and choose the best pieces which won’t just stick with you and your ever-changing style, but which will deliver lasting value from an investment standpoint.

The best brands to invest in

In order to answer the question around investment jewellery, you need to recognise what makes a luxury brand – and for that, we need to consider a couple of the most coveted and iconic brands in the luxury jewellery industry.

Chanel is one example of a brand that combines ornate designs and timelessly elegant pieces with a bold and important history. Similarly, Cartier boasts a united approach to exquisite pieces shrouded in the brand’s own history, while Van Cleef & Arpels injects fun and playful energy into its premium collection for a more standout aesthetic.

What we are trying to say is that there’s a luxury brand for every type and style of buyer, you simply need to identify which one ticks your boxes as a buyer.

What makes a luxury jewellery piece such a good investment?

With that said, why is jewellery considered such a good investment? The value and potential of a piece of jewellery as an investment lies in the quality of the piece, the brand attached to it, the materials used, and the authenticity of the piece as a part of the brand’s history.

The Cartier Love bracelet, for example, is one of the most iconic and coveted pieces of jewellery in the world, not only because of its intricate detail and the fact that it is handmade to the highest standard, but also because of its reputation on the market and its brand. Cartier is widely recognised as a ‘forever’ brand, creating pieces which withstand the test of time, wear and tear, and which continue to look elegant and refined regardless of your personal look, age, or style.

Similarly, Van Cleef & Arpels holds its own place in the luxury jewellery market by connecting each of its jewellery pieces and specific collections with external influences, ideologies, and natural inspiration. Pops of colour are a common part of the Van Cleef & Arpels collections, and far from making the jewellery feel garish can inject a touch of personality which makes them all the more in-demand and coveted.

Of course, all of these iconic brands operate under the typical luxury brand operational practice, whereby stock is always limited to retain an air of exclusivity among buyers.

Do watches class as luxury jewellery?

While jewellery and watches both class as luxury accessories, the timepiece market and especially that which deals with high end and luxury brand is a whole different ballgame. Brands such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet operate in a different market, have different quality indicators, and appeal to different audiences – so much so that comparing the two under the same category is difficult.

Should I buy a piece of jewellery or a handbag as a luxury investment?

Again, high end designer handbags and jewellery pieces appeal to different buyers and garner different returns as investment items. For the most part, a well kept and box-fresh handbag is a styling statement which lends itself to long term investment and to collectors, whereas jewellery tends to be something that people wear and then consider selling later down the line.

Buying a piece of investment jewellery means gifting yourself a timeless statement of your status or style in that moment, whether you choose to buy something with personality or something elegant which will retain its popularity for years or decades to come.

Whatever you choose to buy, make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller with all the correct authentication documents, and with an eye to the most valuable and coveted brands of the moment. Remember that style is forever while fashion is fleeting, so choose something timeless  which will last the test of time.