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Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Jumbo lemonade braids have become a trendy summer hairstyle. If you're seeking a hassle-free and rapid summer hairstyle, opting for jumbo lemonade braids could be an ideal decision. What is a Jumbo Lemonade Braids?  jumbo lemonade braid is a type of French braid where the hair is tied into large loops.  loops are then secured with a rubber band or elastic.  style is perfect for people who want a natural-looking hairstyle that doesn’t require much time or effort to style. How to Do a Jumbo Lemonade Braids hairstyle: 1) Start by sectioning your hair into small braids. you have to sure the braids are at least two inches wide. 2) Take one of the smaller braids and tie it around the top of your head like a hat border. the excess hang down your back. 3)  the next smaller braid and tie it around the bottom of the first braid, above the hat border.

1. Jumbo Lemonade Braids With Heart

Jumbo Lemonade Braids 2
Jumbo Lemonade Braids3

Looking for a fun and stylish way to braid your hair? Try these large lemonade braids adorned with heart shapes! Creating this look is easy and quick, taking only a few minutes to achieve captivating and cascading hair. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Section your hair into small braids.
  2. Twist the center of each braid to form a loop.
  3. Secure the loop in place with a hair tie.
  4. Add a pop of color by incorporating heart-shaped flowers or beads to your braids.

Enjoy your beautiful and playful braided hairstyle with a touch of creativity!

2. Jumbo Lemonade Braids With Curls

 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 4
 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 5

Looking for a summer hairstyle that keeps your curls intact? Try these jumbo lemonade braids with curls! Achieving this style is effortless with just a few simple steps:

  1. Section your hair into small segments.
  2. Twist each section around once or twice.
  3. Tie the ends together using a braiding pattern.
  4. Let the curls fall naturally.

For a more polished look, you can use light hair products. Either way, this hairstyle is perfect for summer festivities, ensuring your curls stay stylishly in place throughout the season!

3. Jumbo Lemonade Braids To The Side

 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 5
 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 6
  • Try these jumbo lemonade braids!
  • These braids are perfect for summer days or any event and suit all hair textures beautifully.
  • To achieve this look, start by creating a basic braid.
  • Next, form the lemonade braid by bringing the left side of the basic braid over the middle section.
  • Cross the right side of the basic braid over the left at the top.
  • Ensure both ends of the lemonade braid are tucked under the basic braid.
  • Cross each end of the lemonade braid over each other in front of your head.
  • Tuck both ends again underneath the basic braid.
  • Finally, tuck each end under one of the braids on either side of your head, and you're done! Enjoy your stylish jumbo lemonade braids.

4. Long Jumbo Lemonade Braids

 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 7
 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 8
 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 9
  • Try these long jumbo lemonade braids!
  • Achieving these braids is quick and effortless, making them a hassle-free option.
  • Not only are they easy to create, but they also exude a cool and trendy vibe.
  • If you're in the mood for a new and unique hairstyle, these lemonade braids are definitely worth a try.

5. Jumbo Braids With A Thin Braided Pattern

 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 10
 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 11
  • Feel liberated from braiding size restrictions with the jumbo braid style!
  • Thin braided strands form a sleek and voluminous pattern, suitable for all hair types.
  • Achieving this look requires minimal effort to maintain.
  • Keep your hair looking healthy and full by simply combing through it daily.

6. Accessorized Lemonade Braids

 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 12
 Jumbo Lemonade Braids 13

Lemonade braids are a great way to brighten up any day. These take minutes and require few supplies. You need is a lemon, some hair ties, and your imagination! Here are three easy ways to accessorize your lemonade braids:

1. Add a colorful headband to your lemonade braids. 

2. Create a floral arrangement out of lemon slices. 

3. Tie lemon slices around the braid as if they were beads.