Stories Hairstyle Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control With Redensyl

You must have heard about onion oil and its benefits from many sources including YouTube videos. And you must be wondering if it actually works well for hair or if it's just people being overhyped. In this article, you will get to know all the answers regarding onion hair oil.

Onion is rich in antioxidants, potassium, sulfur, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, and many other natural compounds. All these compounds work together to nourish your hair and boost hair growth. So, yes, onion oil does work like magic for hair. It not only boosts your hair growth but also makes your hair stronger and thicker. Onion hair oil is known for growing hair longer, stronger and thicker in a short period of time.  Because of the presence of rich compounds in onion, it has several benefits for your hair and scalp.

  • Onion oil is rich in sulfur which reduces hair ends and thinning. The presence of other nutrients stops the oxidation of hair and maintains the balanced pH of your scalp.
  • Onion oil also allows better circulation to your scalp, resulting in thick and strong hair.
  • Onion hair oil is commonly used for the faster growth of hair.
  • Onion oil can also reduce premature hair graying as it contains antioxidants.

The other best advantage of this solution is that you can even make it at home. By following these simple steps:
Step 1: Pick onions according to your requirement (how much oil you want to extract).
Step 2: Chop the onions and grind them and once done keep them aside.
Step 3: Take a non-stick pan, a few drops of coconut or olive oil, and heat it on low flame. Then the onion paste and mix well for a few minutes.
Step 4:  Once done, strain the oil extract and keep it in a container and you are good to apply it to your scalp.

Onion oil is flexible and can be used by mixing it with other carrier oil to increase its effects. For instance, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Another new ingredient that can be combined with onion oil is Redensyl. Redensyl is a newly discovered compound made up of seven pure plant extracts that work amazingly for controlling hair fall and other hair issues.

Redensyl cannot be applied directly to the scalp or hair because of its rich natural compounds. Redensyl can be used with onion hair oil. Onions are one of the best for hair growth and redensyl is one of the best for controlling hair fall by unblocking hair follicles and dividing stem cells to allow the growth of new hair, boosting hair density. Both ingredients are free from chemicals and safe to use without any serious side effects.

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