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Australian actor, producer, and director Peter Thurnwald has achieved notable success in the entertainment business. Thurnwald, who is famous for his flexibility and talent, has won recognition for his outstanding performances in a number of TV shows and movies. 

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  • Early Life and Background
  • Education and Career Choice
  • Acting Career
  • Notable Works
  • Personal Life
  • Filmography
  • Future Projects
  • Social Media Presence

What was the Early Life and Background of Peter Thurnwald?

Peter Thurnwald

Peter Thurnwald was adopted as a young child by a kind Australian family after being born in Seoul, South Korea. His childhood on Australia's stunning Gold Coast had a significant impact on how his profession and life turned out. He is thought to be in his mid-20s, while his precise birthdate is unknown. Peter Thurnwald resides in Los Angeles, California, where he likely continues to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

Peter Thurnwald has a Degree?

Thurnwald's academic path brought him to the University of Queensland, where he first worked for a physics degree. Finally, his love of performing brought him to the Western Australian Academy of Arts (WAAPA), where he earned a Fine Arts degree in 2019.

Where does Peter Thurnwald’s Passion for Acting lead him?

School plays were the beginning of Peter Thurnwald's acting career, which swiftly developed into something amazing. His perseverance and dedication to his trade helped him land parts in prestigious films. At the Gold Coast Arts Festival, he made his stage debut and was cast in an uncredited extra role in "Kong: Skull Island."

Lachie Koh was Thurnwald's breakout character in the television series "Bump," which was his first big acting job. This highly praised Australian drama made him a rising star in the business. He then had appearances in the films "Young Rock" and "Players," further showing his acting range.


Peter Thurnwald Notable Work

Peter Thurnwald xo ktty

One of Peter Thurnwald's most notable works is the rom-com series "XO, Kitty," released on Netflix. In this series, he portrays the lead role of Alex Finnerty, an Australia-raised Korean adoptee, which resonates with his personal background, adding authenticity to his portrayal.

Actually, this is a movie in which is he kind of portraying himself.

Peter Thurnwald xo kitty

What About Peter Thurnwald's Personal Life?

Peter Thurnwald dog lover

Although Peter Thurnwald keeps his personal life private, it is clear that his adoption background and multicultural experiences have had an impact on his writing. His performances exhibit these distinct viewpoints, which give his characters life and sincerity.


Year Film/TV showsRole
2017"Kong: Skull Island"Iwi Prince (uncredited)
2021"Bump"  Lachie Koh
2022"Young Rock"Young Randall
2022"Players"  Foresite
2023"Xo, Kitty"Alex

Peter Thurnwald player

Scene from the movie "Players"


Peter Thurnwald bump

Peter Thurnwald bump

Scene from the movie “Bump”

Peter Thurnwald’s Social Media Presence

Peter Thurnwald instgram post

Peter Thurnwald maintains an active presence on social media platforms, where he engages with his fans and shares updates about his projects. His growing fan following appreciates his genuine and down-to-earth personality, adding to his appeal as an actor and public figure.

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