Stories Celebrity Sophie Wilde’s Family, Height, Age and Career

Do you know about the rising star who's been lighting up the entertainment world? Meet Sophie Wilde, the young Australian actress with a talent so bright it's impossible to ignore. Born around 1998 in the vibrant city of Sydney, Her journey in the world of showbiz has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Sophie Wilde age

She gained recognition for her starring role in the supernatural horror film "Talk to Me" in 2022, earning nominations for prestigious awards like the AACTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. Notably, she was also nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 77th British Academy Film Awards. With a background in dramatic arts and a strong start to her career, Sophie Wilde is undoubtedly a rising star to watch.

Sophie Wilde's Family

Family MemberName
MotherMonalisa Wilde
FatherSimon Wilde
SiblingYounger Brother

Sophie Wilde's got an interesting family story! She was born back in 1998, and her family's quite the blend. Her mom's from Ivory Coast, and her dad's Australian. They've been super supportive of her acting journey right from the start.

But here's the cool part – her grandparents deserve a shoutout too. They took her to all sorts of shows when she was a kid, like theater, operas, and stuff like that. It was Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday" that really sparked her interest in acting. She was like, "I wanna do that!" How awesome is that?

Now, Sophie's got a younger brother, and they're a tight-knit crew. Her mom's a counselor, and her dad's a cool abstract artist. They've always had her back, and they even encouraged her to use her platform to promote diversity in the media, given her bi-ethnic background.

Sophie Wilde family

Sophie Wilde's picture with her father, Simon Wilde.

Sophie Wilde's Early Life

Her journey kicks off in the stunning backdrop of Sydney, where she spent her growing-up years. She's got a fascinating mix of roots, with an Ivorian mom named Monalisa and an Aussie dad named Simon, and this blend of cultures has undoubtedly played a role in shaping her incredible acting skills. Her stomping ground was the Inner West neighborhood of Enmore, a place that would lay the foundation for her deep affection for all things performing arts.

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Now, let's talk about Sophie's love affair with drama. Picture this, as a little kid, her grandparents whisked her away into this magical realm of theater, opera, and musicals. Those early experiences lit a fire in her, laying the groundwork for her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

Sophie Wilde’s Physical Appearance

Sophie Wilde hot

She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, which is about 162 centimeters. She maintains a weight of approximately 49 kilograms, equivalent to 108 pounds. Her hair color is a lovely shade of black, complementing her overall look, while her eyes captivate with their deep brown hue. These physical attributes contribute to her unique and striking appearance, adding to her charm both on and off the screen.

Sophie Wilde's Net Worth

Sophie Wilde net worth

As per several reports, Sophie's current net worth stands at around $1Million. Sophie's talent and dedication have opened up numerous doors in the world of TV and movies, which have certainly contributed to her overall wealth.

Her on-screen performances have truly resonated with fans all over the globe. It's evident that she's been making solid progress in securing her financial footing while following her true passions – acting and modeling!

Her Acting Career

Sophie Wilde career
2018Bird (Short film) 
2022Talk to MeMia
2023The Portable DoorSophie Pettingel
2021You Don't Know MeKyra
2023Tom JonesSophia Western
2023Everything NowMia Polanco
2024Boy Swallows UniverseCaitlyn Spies

The Surprising Origin of Sophie Wilde's Accent

In the TV series Tom Jones, Sophie Wilde plays the role of a British heiress, but she hails from Sydney, Australia. 

She shared, "Many people think I'm British. I've had numerous conversations where people asked, 'Aren't you British?' or 'Are you faking an Australian accent?' And I'd respond, 'Nope, that's really how I talk.'" 

Sophie mentioned that she developed her British accent by working with a dialect coach and closely observing British actors like Michaela Coel from 'I May Destroy You.'

The awards and triumphs in Sophie Wilde's  career

Sophie Wilde awards
2020Casting Guild of AustraliaRising Star
2024AACTA AwardsBest Actress in a Leading Role
 Black Reel AwardsOutstanding Lead Performance
 British Academy Film AwardsRising Star
 Golden Scythe Horror AwardsBest Actress in a Leading Role
 Saturn AwardsBest Supporting Actress