Stories Accessories Spiritual Jewelry: An Introduction To Its Symbolism And Meanings


Jewelry symbolism and meaning can be more powerful than you think. Whether a charm, a necklace, a ring, an earring, or any other piece, each has a spiritual meaning, especially when it includes a certain gemstone or precious metal.

Hundreds of decades ago, human beings formed and built their relationship with jewelry. Since then, varying cultures have integrated different pieces into their important moments and rituals. The incorporation of different precious gemstones, zodiac signs, spiritual symbols, and sacred geometry into these adornments holds special spiritual significance for wearers.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an earring, a ring, a necklace, or a charm; each powerful symbol utilized in spiritual jewelry has a unique meaning and symbolism that can bring new potential into your life. This piece of content will walk you through spiritual jewelry symbols and gemstones, helping you to understand their symbolism and meanings. Read on to learn more.

The Evil Eye

When you see the word "evil," you may wonder why someone would put on jewelry with this symbol. It is truly a protective charm. Also known as the protection eye, the evil eye has been used for hundreds of decades in different religious traditions, ranging from Christianity to Buddhism.

Available in different forms and expert artisans being able to craft evil eye charms portraying the eye in varying colors, each has its unique meaning. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Pink encourages contentment feelings with the wearer’s relationships and life.
  • Yellow depicts invigoration and rejuvenation providing relief to the wearer.
  • White portrays a fresh start, focus, and purity.
  • Purple enhances the wearer’s imagination and helps clear barriers from your path to enable you to seek balance and creativity.
  • Red provides the wearer with passion, courage, and enthusiasm to face the journey ahead – if you’re anxious or fearful, a piece of red evil eye jewelry will easily quell those anxieties.
  • Light blue depicts inner peace and protection.

The evil eye can blend smoothly with a charm bracelet, a simple and sleek pendant, or a set of earrings. Several gemstones of different colors can ward off the protection eye, including diamond, emerald, malachite, sapphire, agate, and coral.

The Lotus

The lotus is another popular symbol with different meanings and symbolism in various religions. It’s a potent symbol of new beginnings and rebirth. A lotus flower is a heaven of attractiveness and life amongst a background of murky water and mud.

While the ancient Egyptians used the lotus flower to mean healing, regeneration, rebirth, and creation, Buddhists also viewed the symbol as a sign of regeneration and rebirth. That means wearers of jewelry with a lotus flower symbol believe in rebirth and regeneration.

If you wear lotus flower jewelry, as a charm or simple pendant on a gemstone bracelet, it encourages the opening of your mind. Crystal gemstones, including opal, garnet, rainbow quartz, diamonds, emerald, ruby, and aquamarine, are popular with the lotus flower symbol.

The Hamsa

The hamsa symbol is also popularly known as the Hand of God. It’s a powerful hand-crafted symbol that originated from the Middle East and North Africa. Different religions have their unique names for the hamsa symbol. Here are a few examples:

  • Hand of Miriam in Judaism
  • Hand of God in Christianity
  • Hand of Fatima in Muslim

In each spiritual tradition where the hamsa symbol appears, it depicts protection. Also, for most people, the number five is a vital element of luck. Your spiritual tradition doesn’t matter. If you wear a piece of jewelry with a hamsa symbol, whether a charm or a pendant, it’ll provide you with the feeling of being watched over or protected.

Several gemstones are popular with the hamsa symbol, including diamond, turquoise, coral, and emerald.

Other Common Symbols

Other common spiritual symbols include the moon and the sun. Since the moon is believed to control ocean tides, most individuals believe that it positively influences energy and power. A moon charm or necklace can remind the wearers of the divine energy that flows through them.

The sun depicts light and life. Spiritual jewelry representing the sun endows the wearers with enhanced consciousness and clarity. If you've got a difficult time focusing on the environment around you, a piece of jewelry with the sun symbol can remind you of your numerous blessings.

The different powerful symbols, gemstones, zodiac signs, and sacred geometry utilized in spiritual jewelry have different uses for your day-to-day life. While some act as divine potential and innate spirituality reminders, others are defensive charms to ward off bad feelings.