Stories Celebrity The Emotional Weight of Maria Bartiromo’s Military Dog Tags

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, dog tags became a necessity for soldiers during the American Civil War. They were used to identify soldiers in case they died or were lost in combat. Since then, these tags have become a timeless and classic pieces with emotional attachment. 

For example, a fallen soldier’s dog tags can become his wife’s property, and she might wear them as a memory of her heroic late husband. But have you seen photos of celebrities wearing military dog tags? 

Rihanna and Selena Gomez wore these as a fashion statement when they were teenagers. Maria Bartiromo was also seen with military dog tags on Fox News. 

Did she wear it as a fashion statement, or was there an emotional connection? Let’s answer those questions for you. 

Why Is Maria Bartiromo Famous? 

Maria Bartiromo was born in 1967 in Brooklyn and is the youngest child in a military family. Today, she is an American journalist, author, anchor, and famous personality with two Emmy Awards. Maria is also an alma mater of New York University and is a former member of the Board of Trustees

Moreover, Maria has worked with the top new corporations like CNN and CNBC, before transferring to Fox. Most Americans recognize her from financial news shows like “Mornings with Maria,” “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo”, and “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street.” Her husband is the CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments, Jonathan Steinberg. 

Technically, she became known to most internet users during Trump’s presidency. Maria proved her advocacy by being vocal in most of her interviews, which gained her this popularity. In November 2020, Maria was the first journalist to interview Trump after he lost re-election. She even backed up his claims on election fraud. 

Did Maria Bartiromo Serve in the Military? 

Maria Bartiromo did not serve in the military, so the dog tags are not hers. Fans speculate that these tags belong to one of her family members who served in the military. However, there is no official confirmation about the owner of the dog tags. 

People believe she wears the military dog tags to honor and remember the fallen heroes of her family. However, the fans are unable to see the military dog tag writing to determine who it belongs to. Through Instagram posts in 2021, Maria presented a heartfelt tribute to her uncle, father, and grandfather. 

It proves her connection to the military. And the dog tags can either be her uncle’s, father’s, or grandfather’s. However, this will only be proven if people can see the writing on the dog tag. According to U.S. Quick Tags, veterans and military families can build custom dog tags with meaningful quotes, personal information, family names, and affiliations. 

There is a chance that these military dog tags have immense emotional weight for Maria. Some fans also believe that she is wearing customized tags with her father’s, grandfather’s, and uncle’s names. 

One can also see her American pride and respect reflect in her Instagram posts. In one of her posts about her pet, she proudly showcased the red, white, and blue flag decors in her home. Due to this, fans honor and respect her for the choice of wearing dog tags on live TV. It truly shows how vocal she is about the role of veterans in the country. 

Can Civilians Wear Dog Tags?

Maria Bartiromo is a civilian, irrespective of her fame. Along with her, other celebrities like Jamie Farr and Justin Bieber used to wear dog tags. It proves that civilians can indeed wear dog tags to remember veterans. 

Most people who wear dog tags do it to pay respect to fallen or retired family members. Similarly, you can get customized dog tags for aesthetic purposes. While it is a controversial jewelry statement, it can still look good with formal and casual attire. 

Usually, these dog tags hold immense emotional weight as it symbolizes pride and honor for dedicated veterans and soldiers. Hence, it can be perceived as an act of stolen honor and an offensive violation if you try to impersonate armed forces. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Maria Bartiromo, the famous Fox News journalist, wears dog tags to reminisce about her family’s history in the military. She does not wear them as mere fashion accessories but to showcase her pride for the country. But she isn’t the only celebrity to flaunt military dog tags.

There are multiple inspiring stories connected to dog tags, proving their emotional significance. For example, Jill Waddle found his war veteran grandfather’s dog tags after 80 years. Civilians, too, can wear dog tags if they belonged to a military family member or buy customized ones for fashion.