Stories Celebrity Tom Cruise's Girlfriends Timeline: A Journey Through the Decades

1981: Melissa Gilbert

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Melissa Gilbert

  • In the early '80s, a young Tom Cruise, still known as Tom Mapother, dated Melissa Gilbert.
  • They met when Melissa was around 16 or 17 years old before Tom became famous.

1983: Rebecca De Mornay

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Rebecca De Mornay

  • During the filming of "Risky Business," Tom Cruise was rumored to have had an intense affair with his co-star, Rebecca De Mornay.
  • Although never officially confirmed, their on-screen chemistry fueled speculation.

1985: Patti Scialfa

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Patti Scialfa

  • In 1985, Tom briefly dated Patti Scialfa, a member of the E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen's wife.
  • Their relationship was noted in an old People profile from 1988.

1985: Cher

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Cher

  • Tom Cruise and Cher had a surprising romance in 1985 after meeting at Sean Penn and Madonna's wedding.
  • Their relationship included attending an event at the White House, but it didn't last.

1987 to 1990: Mimi Rogers

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Mimi Rogers

  • Tom Cruise married Mimi Rogers, his first wife, and referred to her as his best friend.
  • Despite the admiration, their marriage ended for undisclosed reasons.

1990 to 2001: Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Nicole Kidman

  • Tom Cruise met Nicole Kidman while filming "Days of Thunder" and described his initial reaction as "pure lust."
  • They married and adopted two children together before divorcing in 2001.

2001 to 2004: Penélope Cruz

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend  Penélope Cruz

  • Tom and Penélope Cruz dated for about three years after meeting on the set of "Vanilla Sky."
  • Their relationship ended in March 2004 due to busy filming schedules.

2005: Sofía Vergara

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Sofia

  • In 2005, Tom briefly dated Sofía Vergara after splitting from Penélope Cruz.
  • Reports suggest Tom's involvement with the Church of Scientology played a role in the breakup.

2005 to 2012: Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Katie Holmes

  • Tom Cruise's relationship with Katie Holmes, known as TomKat, began in 2005 and led to marriage.
  • They had a daughter named Suri before divorcing in 2012.

2020 to 2022: Hayley Atwell

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Hayley Atwell

  • Tom Cruise was rumored to be dating his "Mission Impossible" co-star Hayley Atwell in 2020.
  • However, they reportedly split in June 2022.

2023: Shakira (Maybe)

Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Shakira

  • In May 2023, Tom met Shakira at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, sparking dating rumors.
  • Nothing was confirmed, but sources suggested Tom could be a potential soft landing for Shakira after her split from Gerard Piqué.

2023: Sofía Vergara (Again...Maybe)

  • Tom and Sofía Vergara, who briefly dated in 2005, are rumored to be considering a renewed relationship.
  • The possibility of them rekindling their romance has been discussed, with Tom reportedly interested.