Stories Tips & Tricks Trim, Crop, Cut And Split - Video-Editing Fundamentals Explained

Video content has taken the lead over e-commerce and social media platforms. It’s a great way to communicate with the audience, advertise your products, promote your ideas, or just make memories. With such a rise in video content, the developers came up with an immense number of video and photo editing software, so that the users could create the most influential content. 

When taking the first steps in video or photo editing, everything seems to be daunting, as there are too many functions that are similar, and the difference isn’t clear. Trimming, cropping, cutting, and splitting are about the change in the size of the video, however, they don’t work the same way. 

We are going to help you see the difference and understand how to use the basic editing function in order to create a video that meets your requirements.

1. Cropping

Knowing how to crop a video is an essential skill. You select the part you don’t like and cut it out of the original file that you want to keep. It may be helpful when you make a recording of something and then there’s someone or something intruding into the video. Cropping will help to get it out of the frame.  

Cropping helps to get rid of unwanted elements, edges of the video, watermarks, and lines and fits the video into a new aspect ratio. Besides, the cut-out areas can be used for an alternate video. 

The best applications that can assist you with cropping the videos: Video Crop App, VistaCreate, FilmoraGo, and Animora. 

2. Trimming

Another essential function to use when altering the video. It helps to reduce the total length of the product either by cutting off the beginning or the end. Trimming is essential in case you want to get straight to the point with the video, without making the viewers wait. 

This is extremely important nowadays, as the attention span is critically low, so a long and boring introductory part of the video will not serve positively. Instead, it must be catchy, to engage the viewers and make them watch the whole video. 

Trimming is really easy and doesn’t require any special skills. Basically, all the work is done by You just need to upload the video, select a ‘trim’ option and the work is done. Apart from trimming, you can embellish the video with different designing solutions, making it more appealing to the audience. 

The best applications to perform trimming: VistaCreate, Easy Video Cutter, YouTube Video editor, and Microsoft Video Trimmer. 

3. Cutting

Yet another fundamental video editing tool. Cutting helps to take the unwanted areas out of the video, basically, you just lift them, and then combine the ‘leftovers’ together into one single piece. Cutting also works as a polisher, as it helps to get rid of meaningless snippets. This function can also be used when there’s a need to insert a piece of one video, into a different one.

One of the biggest mistakes made when editing the video is confusing two essential functions trimming and cutting. Despite the fact, that both mean changing the size, trimming works with the edges, while cutting works with the inner parts of the video. Understanding this difference is essential when working with video professionally. 

The best apps to provide ‘cutting’ functions: Timbre, VistaCreate, YouCut, VidTrim, and Easy Video Cutter. 

4. Splitting

Splitting helps to divide a large video clip into two separate pieces. It also helps to remove unnecessary elements, and use different editing techniques on them, so that your message to the audience becomes crystal clear. One of the greatest advantages of video splitting is the quality, as it is never lost, and stays the same as the original piece used to be.

Video splitting helps to speed up or slow down the parts, and apply different effects on them, depending on the goal and vision.

The best apps to serve with ‘splitting’: VistaCreate, SplitVid, Movavi Video Editor, Kinemaster and AndroVid. 

Understanding the basics of video and photo editing is a type of an essential hard skill, as these visuals are used almost everywhere - social media sites, business, entertainment sphere, etc. Before taking the first steps in editing, it’s important to learn all the basic functions and the differences between them, as without this knowledge your editing experience will not bring the expected results.

Cropping, trimming, cutting, and splitting are fundamental functions for video creation. Their skillful combination will help you create the right video with the right message for your audience.