Stories Celebrity Who exactly is Naomi Ross, and How is she linked to Adin Ross?

Naomi Ross is the sister of Adin Ross, and if you're into the streaming world, you've probably heard of him. He's a 22-year-old content creator who's been making waves lately with all the drama and the content he's been putting out on Kick. But here's the thing, not many of you know about Naomi Ross, and she's just as famous in the Twitch streaming scene.

Adin Ross is known for his gaming charisma and controversies, but did you know about his sister, Naomi Ross? Both siblings kick-started their streaming careers playing NBA 2K and grew their audiences. Dive into Naomi's rise on platforms like Instagram and Twitch, and how she's creating her own online presence alongside her brother's fame.

Who is Adin Ross’s Sister?

Naomi is not just your regular Twitch streamer, she's also a popular Instagram influencer and does some glamor modeling. She has her own Twitch account, but she doesn't stream as much as her brother. What's interesting is that both Naomi and Adin got into streaming at around the same time. She's making her mark in the streaming and social media world.

The Big Thing That Made Naomi Super Famous

What really put Naomi on the map was this incident back in 2021. It happened at the Wizza House, where her brother Adin had just moved in. During her visit, she had a run-in with a YouTuber named Zias, whom Adin didn't exactly get along with. Things got heated, and Adin even went on Instagram to spill the beans, claiming he caught Naomi and Zias in a romantic moment. But here's the twist, it was all just a prank by Naomi and Zias.

This whole thing made everyone sit up and take notice of Naomi. And to add to her growing fame, she's got an active OnlyFans account with over 20k subscribers.

What does Naomi bring to Adin's videos?

Naomi doesn't just stick to her own thing, she's been a regular in her brother's content too. You can spot her in prank videos on YouTube and catch her in the action during Adin's live Twitch streams. But it was that whole Wizza House episode that really changed the game for her. It made everyone sit up and notice Naomi, turning her into a big deal on places like Instagram and OnlyFans.

Naomi Ross Socia Media

While Adin may have a larger following, Naomi is no stranger to the streaming scene. They kick-started their streaming careers in Florida, bonding over games of NBA 2K. Over time, while Adin's popularity skyrocketed, Naomi quietly built her own audience on platforms like Twitch and Instagram. On Instagram, she goes by @naomzies and has over 160,000 followers, steadily catching up to her brother's 7 million fans.