Stories Lifestyle Why Do You Need To Plan Virtual Team Building Activities For Your Remote Employees?

If you own an organization or a company, then you might be worried about your remote workers, and their interaction with other employees, or you might need team-building activities for ice-breaking purposes. There is also a possibility of testing their capabilities or handing over a new task, for this you might need to test them or train them. All this may require interaction with their subordinates or the higher authorities. And as an employer, you might be worried about this situation. For this, you have quite an easy solution for planning and executing Virtual team building activities by

How can virtual team building activities benefit the co-worker’s group?

They are very beneficial not just for the employer or the worker, but for the whole team of an organization. It is a very healthy activity. This can contribute to group tasks a lot. It initiates communication between people in a group or team, it is very effective in problem solving and decision making. It is a motivation based activity that impacts in addressing multiple group goals and achieving them.

What do these virtual activities include?

Virtual team building activities can be arranged online and they are much more fun, people can have lunch together, sit and talk over a specific problem or an issue. Make a plan, solve a puzzle or participate in a debate. The aim behind these activities can be training a group, making them learn new skills, introducing new domains, and interactive participation for suggestions related to a new initiative. These activities are essential for remote workers and employees, designed for them to get to know about a company’s overall environment for encouragement and motivation.

How can these virtual team building activities be planned?

A company can take the initiative of planning a series of virtual team building activities for making their employees interact and giving them a chance to take a break, freshen up, and exercise their intellectual and intelligence based capabilities. It is very helpful to keep up the overall morale of the workers in an organization. You can take the help of video conferencing methods or online methods of making people interact and share their time over a specific activity.

Best Virtual Team building Activity

Activities like scavenger hunts are the best team building activity. This can help teammates interact, plan and enjoy the activity thoroughly. This has a beneficial impact on the mental capacity and working capability of the workers or employees. Everyone deserves to have a break from difficult and boring work. Therefore, these activities must be encouraged.  For virtual or remote employees, it will be very hard to get into any offline team building activity, therefore we recommend you use globe-chaser app, this will save you time from planning and designing activities, and taking long hours for thinking over deciding which challenges should be added to the game and which ones might not be possible to be used as they won’t be able to get executed. 

What is Scavenger hunt?

It is a game or a fun activity, in which people are gathered and groups are made in between them. All teams are supposed to compete with each other. All teams are assigned tasks to find clues or fulfill challenges, during a scavenger hunt that they must complete by visiting various spots within the region. Each group is specified a specific color and they find the clues with the help of a message written on it. Then, in order to complete their tasks within the allotted time, they look for hints on signs, structures, monuments, etc. And the team that is capable of finding all of the clues within a short period of time, wins.

Benefits of Scavenger Hunt App in Virtual Team building Activities

Online scavenger hunts or Scavenger Hunt Applications are a fantastic approach to improve the employees of an organization or students' problem-solving, puzzle-solving, hint guessing, and Web-searching skills. When the participants are required to find hints or locate data of a certain kind or worth of challenge, they might function as a mental assessment exercise. This is beneficial as it adds fun to normal routines and helps in ice-breaking. It helps in initiating interaction and getting to know each other more.