What to Look for in a Hair Straightener

What to Look for in a Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners
Are now one of the best tools that women use these days. With hair straighteners, women do not need to go to salons just to have their curly hairs straightened. The problem, however, is that some hair straighteners produce very unlikely results.
These results include hair breakage and fly-aways. The problem is that a lot of companies have claimed that they own the best hair straighteners in the market, and the customers just believe directly in their ads without even thinking about the things that they have to consider.
Some of the very important points are:
Iron plates
The iron plates are the most important features that a customer should consider as the plates are the ones that go in contact directly with the hairs. Some plates that hair straighteners have been very damaging that’s why they cost a lot cheaper.
The iron plates to choose from include titanium plates, ceramic plates, aluminum plates, and Teflon plates. The highly recommended plates are titanium and ceramic.
This is because the heat produced in this kind of plates are even. On the other hand, not so good options are aluminum and Teflon plates because the heat is unevenly produced.
The technology being referred to be the features that hair straighteners have. One of the best products known for good features is the Chi hair straightener. It has good floating plates, a long and swivel cord, and an evenly produced heat.
These are some of the features that customers should look for in a hair straightener. Although the price may be higher, at least the results are satisfying.
Temperature setting
Another important factor that customers should look into is the temperature setting capability. Remember that too much heat can result in hair damage, thus it has to be controlled. Especially for fine hairs, less heat is only needed for the results to be perfect. And for thicker hairs, a higher temperature is required.


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