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All White Party Outfit Ideas For Women

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It is so exciting to be going to a party and it is equally exciting to decide the outfit that will go with the party. So let me help you with designing an outfit for your party. I have decided that it will be an all white affair at the party, so get ready to rock the party. A super white skirt that is tight fitting and the skirt will be above knee length. There will be a slit at the back at the bottom to ease the movements of the legs. There will also be a zipper at the back from the waist. Over the skirt the lady will wear a white blouse with full sleeves and a big round collar. The blouse will be tucked inside the skirt to give it a smart look. Over the blouse there will be a short ladies blazer in pure white color. The length of the blouse will be just a little longer than the waist height of the skirt so as to cover the skirt top. The lady will attach a red rose to the lapel of the blazer. The lady will wear as pair of white fish net stockings that will be pulled over her thighs. For the footwear the lady will put on a pair of white shining belles that will be high heeled and pointed toe. That’s it, the lady is ready for the party.


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