Stories Travel Suitcase Must-Haves For Visiting Somewhere Hot

One of the major reasons people crave a vacation is the opportunity to spend time somewhere warm and sunny. Blue skies and the right temperature can do wonders for your mood, restoring your energy to return to your everyday routine. However, whisking yourself away for some time in the sun comes with preparation. Here are some of the most basic suitcase essentials you will need if you plan to go somewhere hot and sunny.

Lightweight Clothing

Pack clothes that are made of light, airy fabric like cotton, hemp, and linen. Thin layers are better than a single thick piece, as you can add or subtract as the temperature dictates. Avoid synthetic materials, as these tend to trap heat and cause skin irritation with sweat.

A Fan and Water for Everyday Carry

As preparation for spending your vacation somewhere hot, bring along a foldable fan to provide your own cool breeze as needed. Always have drinking water to hand whenever you go out and keep your bottle topped up to avoid heat exhaustion. Some stores in hot places sell special fans that also gently spritz water for added refreshment.

Versatile Footwear

Choosing the right footwear to pack can be a minefield. The climate and terrain of your vacation destination will dictate which shoes would be suitable for the trip. If you are staying at a luxurious resort in Honolulu, you will want to bring pairs of shoes that are comfortable enough for the hotel, practical enough for walks outdoors, and smart enough for fancy dinners. If possible, try to combine purposes so that the shoes you wear around the resort are also appropriate for flying home or relaxing at the beach. Since footwear can take up so much suitcase space, be extremely discerning about which pairs to pack.

Protection from the Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun is still a health hazard even when on vacation. Be vigilant about how frequently you apply sunscreen so that it doesn't have the chance to wear off, especially if you go swimming. A hat and UV-protective sunglasses are also essential.

Backup Toiletries

Enjoying the sun often also means a lot of perspiration. To prevent yourself from feeling unhygienic, make sure to bring plenty of extra toiletries to keep clean. Travel-sized deodorants are particularly handy for using out and about.If in doubt, bring more soap or shower gel than you expect to use so you never feel as if you have to go without.

Packable Rain Solutions

Even though you have planned to go somewhere known for its amazing sunny weather, don't discount the possibility of rain. Even places with the bluest skies can have sudden downpours out of nowhere. It's sensible to pack an extremely lightweight raincoat or poncho to protect against unexpected weather.

Although going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing, packing your suitcase for the trip can be surprisingly stressful. Getting it wrong can mean feeling sweaty and uncomfortable at your destination, potentially ruining your memories of the trip.Use this list to help you remember some of the most important items that will keep you cool and comfortable during your hot vacation.