Stories Health Top 4 Effective Suggestions To Ease And Relieve Morning Sickness

The pregnancy experience is an entirely different one for each individual person, with many women being fortunate enough to not suffer from any worrying incidents, whereas others have to live through serious emotional stress and trauma that affects the rest of their lives.

Perhaps one of, if not the, most common symptom occurring in pregnancy, however, is that of morning sickness, and here are four suggestions to help alleviate this exhausting, inconvenient, and sometimes even painful side effect. 

Make Sure You Drink Plenty And Regularly 

First and foremost, good hydration is absolutely essential for both your mind and body, especially when you are carrying a baby and as such, even though it can be somewhat off-putting trying to keep any form of liquid down whilst you may be feeling nauseous, you definitely need to try.

If you truly are struggling to increase your liquid intake, many women report the sensation of morning sickness slowly waning when they instead choose to suck and bite onto ice cubes, which is an excellent way of ensuring enough liquid is consumed without having to force down pint after pint of water.

Take Certain Supplements And Vitamins 

Another affordable and easy tip to try and stop feeling so nauseous during your pregnancy is to look into adding certain vitamins and supplements to your daily diet.

Now, it is exceedingly important to check with your medical doctor if you have any concerns or queries regarding taking additional supplements and as a general rule, always check with a professional before making anychanges to your diet, however large or small you think they may be.

All vitamins are important and beneficial, but specifically, there have been numerous studies which seem to have proven that taking vitamin B supplements—specifically B6—can help to reduce most women’s experience and discomfort from morning sickness.

Other vitamins and minerals you need to ensure you are consuming in your diet whilst pregnant include, to mention just the important few, the following:

Try Acupuncture

The practice of acupuncture is one of the oldest and most traditional therapies of them all, and acupuncture for pregnancy can help a prospective mother with pain in her neck, back, and pelvis; helps to ease headaches and migraines; and of course, reduces the feelings of morning sickness. Visit to know more.

Additionally, for pregnant women who are experiencing fluctuating mood swings, acupuncture has also been known to help with this too. There are, however, around ten different pressure points that should be avoided during acupuncture with a pregnant woman, including the channels leading to the bladder, lungs, and lower abdomen.

Peppermint And Ginger Teas

For those who struggle with travel sickness, taking ginger tablets, supplements, or even packing a tub of ginger cookies for a journey are known to make a big difference.

This is why a link has also been made between a reduction in morning sickness and ginger tea, which helps to soothe the digestive system and minimize the symptoms of acid reflux; and peppermint tea is also known to have soothing properties.