Stories Health Who was Bishop Briggs' Sister? What happened to her?

When we talk about the emerging star of the music industry, Bishop Briggs's name comes to mind. Her powerful vocals and unique sound have made her a standout artist. But did you know that Bishop Briggs has a sister who is equally fascinating?

Who was Bishop Briggs' Sister?

Bishop Briggs' Sister

Bishop Briggs' sister, Kate McLaughlin, has managed to maintain a relatively low profile compared to her famous sibling. Despite being related to a well-known musician, Kate has chosen a path away from the spotlight, making her a somewhat enigmatic figure.

What was the Early Life and Background of the Brigg Sisters?

Bishop Briggs' Sister Chilhood

Born into a family of creatives, Kate McLaughlin shares a strong bond with her sister Bishop Briggs (whose real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin). The two sisters grew up together in London, England, where they were exposed to a rich cultural environment that fostered their artistic talents.

Bishop Briggs' Sister Kate McLaughlin Childhood

What were the different career paths of Brigg Sister?

While Bishop Briggs pursued a career in music that eventually led to international fame, her sister Kate took a different route. Kate's passion led her to explore fields like visual arts and photography. Her work is a testament to her creative prowess, and she's built her own unique identity as an artist outside of the music industry.

What Happened to Bishop Briggs’s Sister?

Bishop Briggs' Sister Kate McLaughling

In 2021, tragedy struck when Kate McLaughlin succumbed to ovarian cancer at the young age of 30. The loss was a devastating blow to Bishop Briggs, shaking her to the core. Yet, amidst the depths of grief, she found solace in the very thing that had always brought them together in music.

Bishop Briggs’s Song For Her Sister

The song "High Water" stands as a poignant example of Bishop Briggs' ability to transform grief into art. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the overwhelming emotions that accompany loss, capturing the essence of a heart grappling with the immensity of sorrow.

What she said in her lyrics of “High Water”:-

Bishop Briggs High Water

I wasn't the strong one 'til we were falling apart

I promised I'd hold you when everything went dark

But god, it's so dark out still feel you in my bed

I wish I could hold you but I'm holding my breath instead


I hate that I lost you when I'm not lost anymore

And I hate that I've got to let go of what I adore

And now I'm in high water without you, without you

Now I'm in high water without you, without you


I'm tired of replaying memories in my head

Replaying everything, everything you've ever said

I'm holding in pain that never knew I could have

Like when you wrote me that note saying I was your other half


And I hate that I lost you when I'm not lost anymore

And I hate that I've got to let go of what I adore

And now I'm in high water without you, without you

Now I'm in high water without you, without you

In another heart-wrenching track, "Art of Survival," Bishop Briggs explores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The song serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of hope, a spark of strength that can carry us through.

The lines are so obvious that she wanted to save her sister, but still how helpless she felt.
Bishop Briggs Art of Survival

I couldn't stay away, an obvious mistake

I could've saved some face

I thought I knew

That in this painful place,

I might find some grace

But mercy is a lie they tell you


I can't read my mind in pieces

I'm still breathing

Now just seeing

The trouble

In doubt

It always leads you into

Or out


Afraid that you can't climb higher

Scared that your gonna fall

Every time the road gets harder

The Art of Survival

How can I fly with eagles

Scared I'm gonna hit the wall

Today I woke up a fighter