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Celebrities Braided Hairstyles

21 Ideas | Updated 1 year ago

When it comes to wearing celebrity braided hairstyles, there are many reasons why you might want to go for the look. Perhaps you admire their style and want to copy it, or maybe you just think they look really cool and want to emulate that look. Whatever your reason, here are some of the benefits of wearing celeb braided hairstyles: they can be fun and stylish braids can add a unique touch of style to any outfit braids can be worn in a number of different ways, so they can work well with any outfit celebrities often wear braids in their hair as part of their everyday outfits, so you can easily copy their look by wearing braids too


Messy Side Fishtail Braid

 If you want a more deconstructed look, follow Eva Longoria's lead and let your fishtail braid get loose and messy.


Remember that simple French braid you wore down your back every other day in grade school?

Robbie takes it to the next level with artfully-mussed strands escaping from the plait. 


Shay Mitchell's style is all about volume.

Teased curled hair and pull it back into a loose braid, letting hair fall around your face, to copy her look.  


Make heads turn with two braids symmetrically wrapped around your head with a center part.

Make the color stand out like Emma's glowing red locks with a shine/color enhancing spray. 


Side Cornrows

 Try the trendy side-shaved look without committing by braiding thin cornrows into one side of your head.


Braided Underside

 Sneaky, sneaky: Carrie Underwood's beachy look features a tight French braid close to the hairline and pinned on the nape of the neck.