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Joseph James Rogan

Podcaster, Martial Arts Color Commentator and Stand-up Comedian
Birth Date

11 August 1967

Birth Place

Opelousas, Louisiana

Birth Sign



56 Years Old

Joe Rogan is a multi-talented American. He's a hilarious comedian and the host of a super successful podcast where he chats with all sorts of guests. He's also the voice you hear commentating exciting UFC fights. Rogan used to act in shows and loves martial arts even having a black belt in jiu-jitsu!

Joseph James Rogan Personal Details

Joe Rogan keeps his family life pretty private. He married Jessica Ditzel a former cocktail waitress in 2009 together they have two daughters and Joe's a stepfather to Jessica's daughter from before. They moved to Texas in 2020 for a quieter life. Despite the laughs he brings on stage Rogan is actually quite shy he even struggled with confidence as a teenager. Interestingly he's a big martial arts fan after seeing a UFC fight in the 90s he got hooked and even earned a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Full Name Joseph James Rogan
Gender Male
Nick Name Joe
Date of Birth 11 August 1967
Place of Birth Opelousas, Louisiana
Hometown South Central Texas
Marital Status Married
Affair/Relationship Jessica Ditzel
Marriage Date
Spouse Jessica Ditzel
Zodiac SIgn Leo
Religion Roman Catholic
Birth City Opelousas, Louisiana
Birth State USA
Birth Country United State
Nationality American

Joseph James Rogan Family Details

While Joe Rogan prefers to keep his family life private. He married Jessica Ditzel a former cocktail waitress in 2009. Together they have two daughters. Jessica also has a daughter from a previous relationship and Rogan acts as a stepfather to her so the Rogan family likely consists of Joe Jessica and their three daughters In 2020 seeking more privacy the family relocated to Texas.

Father Name Mr. Rogan
Mother Name Mrs. Joseph
Brother Name
Sister Name
Husband Jessica Ditzel

Joseph James Rogan Educational Qualifications

Joe Rogan started college at the University of Massachusetts Boston but his comedic calling was too strong. He dropped out early to pursue stand-up comedy full-time while formal education ended there his love of learning continues. His podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience" features interviews with a wide range of experts and Rogan himself is known for his curiosity and interest in diverse topics.

School Newton South High School
College University of Massachusetts Boston, United States
Educational Qualification Graduate

Joseph James Rogan Profession Details

Joe Rogan started his career in the fast lane of entertainment in the 1990s back then his focus was on stand-up comedy making audiences laugh across the country. He even landed roles in shows like "NewsRadio" but his comedic talent wasn't limited to the stage. He also took on the role of a commentator for the growing sport of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) using his enthusiasm to bring the action to life for viewers by the 2000s Rogan added another hat to his collection television host. He took the helm of the reality show "Fear Factor" pushing contestants to their limits. However stand-up remained his passion and he continued to perform even while juggling other projects. 

Profession Podcaster, Martial Arts Color Commentator and Stand-up Comedian
Present Year 2024
Net Worth $200 Million
Source of Income
Movies It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002)
TV Shows Hardball (1994)

Joseph James Rogan Physical Stats

Joe Rogan has a fairly recognizable physique at 5'8" and around 195 lbs he maintains a muscular build years of training in martial arts particularly Brazilian jiu-jitsu where he holds a black belt have kept him in good shape. His dark brown hair has receded giving him a bald head. Contrasting with his shaved head are sharp wide brown eyes. Rogan's various tattoos peek out from under his clothing hinting at his interest in body art.

Height 173 Centimeters
5 Feet 8 Inches
68.11 Inches
1.73 Meters
Weight 195 lbs.
88.45 kg.
Body Measurements
Shoe Size 7US
Eye Color brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birth Mark

Joseph James Rogan Social Media Profiles

18.9 million followers on Instagram Joe Rogan is a social media powerhouse this massive audience tunes in for glimpses into his life likely including workouts chats with friends and behind-the-scenes snippets from his podcast. Rogan might also share his thoughts on current events or just funny moments to keep his fans engaged.

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Q.1 When did Joe Rogan start his comedy career?
Rogan started performing stand-up comedy in 1988.

Q.2 What famous shows did Joe Rogan act in?

He had recurring roles in sitcoms like "NewsRadio" and "Hardball" in the 1990s.

Q.3 Did Joe Rogan host any other TV shows?
Yes, he hosted the reality show "Fear Factor" from 2000 to 2006.