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Stevin W. John

Birth Date

27 May 1988

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35 Years Old

Stevin John the man behind the energetic character Blippi was born on May 27th, 1988 that means he grew up in the late 80s and early 90s, a time of bright colors and chunky sneakers after serving in the Air Force he noticed a lack of quality educational videos for young children. So,in 2013, Blippi was born With his catchy name and curious personality Blippi has become a favorite amongst toddlers around the world.

Stevin W. John Personal Details

Stevin JohnPersonal Details

Stevin John the man behind the energetic Blippi has a personal life that's grown alongside his character's success. He found his love match in Alyssa Ingham and they got married after a romantic proposal on the beach in 2021. Their family expanded even more in March 2022 with the arrival of their son Lochlan David John while details about Stevin's parents and siblings are mostly private we know he has a close family network. His nephews actually played a big role in Blippi's creation inspiring Stevin to develop high-quality educational videos for young children. It seems like Stevin himself is all about building a fun and loving family life just like the adventures Blippi takes his viewers on.

Full Name Stevin W. John
Gender Male
Nick Name Blippi
Date of Birth 27 May 1988
Place of Birth Ellensburg
Hometown Ellensburg
Marital Status Married
Affair/Relationship Alyssa Ingham
Marriage Date
Spouse Alyssa Ingham
Children Lochlan David John
Zodiac SIgn Gemini
Religion Christian
Birth City Ellensburg
Birth State washington
Birth Country United State
Nationality American

Stevin W. John Educational Qualifications

Stevin John Education

Stevin John's educational background is a bit of a mystery some sources say he might not have a college degree while others claim he attended the University of Southern California. There's no confirmation either way it seems like after high school Stevin joined the Air Force and then jumped into video production and marketing. His real-world learning definitely helped him create the Blippi character and turn it into a successful educational program for young children.

College University of Southern California (USC)
Educational Qualification Graudate

Stevin W. John Profession Details

Stevin John Profession

Stevin John's journey to becoming Blippi wasn't a straight line after high school he aimed for the sky (literally) and joined the U.S. Air Force but his dream of being a fighter pilot wasn't meant to be he then landed in video production and marketing using his skills to create over 150 commercials. A turning point came when he saw his young nephews watching low-quality videos online. Inspired to create something better Stevin came up with the energetic character Blippi in 2013. The catchy name and Stevin's dedication to educational content launched Blippi to superstardom entertaining and teaching millions of toddlers worldwide.

Profession Youtuber
Present Year 2024
Net Worth $110 Million
Source of Income YouTube
TV Shows

Stevin W. John Physical Stats

Stevin John Physical Appearance

Stevin John the actor behind Blippi is a tall guy at 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). He keeps himself in good shape with a healthy weight around 159 pounds (72 kg). His brown hair and brown eyes match his friendly and curious personality Blippi's signature look is an energetic one but Stevin himself seems down to earth. 

Height 175 Centimeters
5 Feet 8 Inches
68.90 Inches
1.75 Meters
Weight 158 lbs.
71.67 kg.
Body Measurements
Shoe Size 7UK
Eye Color brown
Hair Color Brown
Birth Mark

Stevin W. John Social Media Profiles

Stevin john Instagram Account

Blippi actively engages with diverse social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Boasting a substantial following with over 484k on Instagram, 148k on Facebook, and 1.3 million on TikTok he employs these channels to disseminate Blippi-related content and boost his channel. rand.

Instagram Stevin W. John Instagram Link
Facebook Stevin W. John Facebook Link
YouTube Stevin W. John YouTube Link


Q.1 Who is Blippi?

 Blippi is a fun and energetic character who teaches kids about the world through songs and adventures! But Blippi is also played by a real guy named Stevin John

Q.2 Where did Blippi come from? 

Stevin got the idea for Blippi after seeing his nephews watch low-quality videos online. He wanted to create something educational and entertaining.

Q.3 What's Blippi's favorite thing to learn about?

Blippi seems curious about everything! From firetrucks to animals, he loves exploring new things.