Stories Outfits Best Postpartum Outfits for New Moms in 2023

Pregnancy and birth are experiences that change a woman mentally and physically forever. It's an amazing process of bringing a child into the world, but for many women, it can be a struggle coming to terms with their post-partum bodies.

Bouncing back to your pre-pregnancy body can take a considerable amount of time and effort after having a child. This presents the challenge of finding clothing that fits comfortably and still compliments your appearance. The first couple of months will be especially frustrating because you'll be in-between sizes. Maternity clothing might be swimming on you, but your waist is still too large for your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

While not the best feeling in the world, remember that this is just a temporary inconvenience resulting from an amazing process. This article offers a quick guide to help you plan some outfits that will help you feel more confident and comfortable with your new body image. 

There Is No Right or Wrong Way To Dress After Pregnancy

In pregnancy, you were probably amazed at the countless maternity wear options. Now that baby is in your arms, what postpartum options are available? The first thing to remember when re-evaluating your wardrobe is to focus on feeling physically and style-wise comfortable.

Finding that your pre-pregnancy wear is still a few months away from fitting again can be frustrating if you want to wait to buy another entire wardrobe. The good news is that adding a few new staple items along with some of your pregnancy options can fill this gap until you're back to your old self. Check out this list of clothing suggestions to help you combine both style and comfort during this time.

Outfit Ideas For Moms On the Go

As a new mom, your normal daily routine has turned into an entirely new adventure. Between keeping up with the baby, your household, and your career, the last thing you need is stressing over what to wear.

Creating a wardrobe with a limited number of interchangeable clothing pieces is a great strategy that offers some variety while ensuring you feel confident and comfortable. Color selections should stick to more neutral tones but definitely have a couple of pieces that pop in a burst of color. You want to feel and look vibrant during this exciting time in your life, whether at home or work.

When choosing what to include in your clothing options, ensure that you have something to wear for every occasion. With this strategy, you'll love quickly pulling together an outfit in just a few minutes.

Need some inspiration? Here are some recommendations for building the perfect postpartum wardrobe:

Tops that flow and are not constricting
Scarves and jackets that offer warmth and nursing privacy
Skirts that feature comfort waists 
Supportive undergarments to help with shape and comfort
Loose dresses that are easily accessorized with high-waisted belts
Pants with expanding waistbands and abdominal support panels
Shoes that focus on foot comfort and support

As you can see, some of your pregnancy wear could be part of this collection. However, now that you've had your baby, you also don't want to continue looking pregnant.

Key pieces can also do wonders in drawing attention away from your body's shape. For example, modest dresses are a great item to have in your closet when you don't want your postpartum belly or increased chest size to dominate your look. These also come in a variety of both casual and professional styles, so you'll look your best at the office and the mall.

Clothing to Hide a Post-Partum Belly

For many new mothers, it comes as a shock that their pregnancy belly doesn't immediately deflate after giving birth. It can take months to get back to its pre-pregnancy state, but don't be ashamed! It's a natural part of motherhood that every mom goes through.

So, is there a way to dress that doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a sheet to hide it? Absolutely! Yes, loose tops that have a flowing cut will be your best friend, but you can shape your waist with blouses that feature elastic detailing. Remember, accessorizing with a belt can do wonders to make flowy tops appear more defined while hiding your softened stomach.

Choosing what bottoms to wear can be challenging because your swelled abdominals will need room. You want to avoid pinching yourself into a pair of pants. Instead, go for pants with higher waistlines than your new pooch. Consider investing in a few pairs of jeggings (leggings and jeans hybrid) that offer additional stretch and comfort. You can wear longer tops with a belt over these while enjoying the added support for your belly.

If you're feeling especially conscious about your postpartum body, consider purchasing a postpartum belly wrap to help your stomach muscles recover. Just remember, if you're feeling any discomfort from constriction, go with clothing that has a looser fit until your body is ready.

Options for Active Mothers

Resuming previous exercise and related activities is a return to normalcy and self-care for many moms. Being active is an essential part of postpartum recovery, but it can be a struggle to find workout gear that understands the support and modesty that a body needs for mothers to be comfortable at the gym or park.

What activewear will offer a comfortable exercise experience while still flattering the wearer? Go-to options for bottoms should feature high waists and modest cuts. In addition, consider how much compression these garments provide to minimize any physical discomfort from movement.

Any chosen tops should be lightweight and breathable. Ensure that the fabric is flowing and moves with you so you don't feel overheated.

However, focus on more than just tops and bottoms when creating a workout style. Ensure you have a supportive sports bra or two to maintain next-level comfort. Nursing moms will find this especially important.

Convenient and Stylish Nursing Wear

Mothers that opt to nurse their new babies often find themselves facing several challenges, especially when it comes to their wardrobe. It can be embarrassing when you have to tuck your newborn underneath your shirt, so invest in pieces that offer easy access. Wrap styles, button-ups, and nursing shirts with convenient modesty panels can make feeding time a breeze for you and your baby.

You should be careful when choosing the sizing since your chest size will be larger when nursing. So, it's important to ensure a good fit before buying.

Postpartum Dress Doesn't Have to be Stressful

It's not unusual to feel out of sorts when it comes to style and fit after having a baby. The good news is that this period of physical recovery doesn't last forever, and countless clothing options help you feel beautiful as a new mom.

Remember, motherhood is hard work, so take care of yourself. Creating a flattering wardrobe will do wonders to boost your mood and help you feel more confident when returning to work, entertaining new company, and just living your day-to-day life.