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Angie Varona

Angie Varona

Model, Instagram Star & Social Media Star
Birth Date

11 August 1993

Birth Place

Miami, Florida, United States

Birth Sign



30 Years Old

Angie Varona, an acclaimed American model, social media influencer, Instagram luminary, and TikTok sensation, entered the world on September 11, 1993, in Miami, Florida, USA. Presently commanding attention, Angie is swiftly amassing a significant following across her social media channels. Recognized for her enchanting photoshoots, she is deeply involved in the modeling industry.

Angie Varona Personal Details


Angeline Varona, better known as Angie Varona, has overcome a challenging experience of cyberbullying to establish herself as a renowned model, Instagram sensation, and an inspiration for many. As of 2023, Angeline Varona is 30 years old. Her story serves as a powerful testament to resilience and determination, illustrating her capacity to turn adversity into an opportunity for success across various social media platforms.

Angie Varona's Personal life

The social media sensation and model, also known as Princess Mononoke, rose to fame through her Instagram profile, where she primarily shares pictures capturing aspects of her personal life and daily activities.

Angie Varona's As A Fitness Model

Love Life

At the moment, Angie is romantically involved with Rick Arredondo, the managing partner of the American Medical Academy. As a couple, they are currently experiencing joy and contentment together.

Angie Varona's Husband Rick Arredondo

Love for Pet

Originating from Miami, Florida, she possesses a dog named Ben, and she frequently posts pictures of him on Instagram.

Full Name Angie Varona
Gender Female
Nick Name Angie Varona
Date of Birth 11 August 1993
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, United States
Hometown Miami
Marital Status Single
Affair/Relationship Rick Arredondo
Zodiac SIgn Virgo
Religion Christian
Birth City Miami, Florida, United States
Birth State United States
Birth Country Florida
Nationality American

Angie Varona Family Details

Angie is an American citizen. Her father is identified as Juan Varona, and her mother is Maria Varona. Well there is no information about any siblings, it seems that Angie is the sole child of her parents. She comes from a Christian family background.

Father Name Juan Varona
Mother Name Maria Varona
Brother Name Not Available
Sister Name Not Available

Angie Varona Educational Qualifications

Angie finished her secondary education at St. John A. Ferguson Senior High School. After graduating, she embarked on pre-law studies at Miami Dade College. Eager for a more comprehensive education, she attended Florida International University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Later, she pursued a Juris Doctor at St. Thomas University, driven by her ambition to become a legal spokesperson.

School St. John A. Ferguson Senior High School
College Miami Dade College
Educational Qualification Graduate

Angie Varona Profession Details


As mentioned earlier, Angie Varona has gained recognition as a prominent American professional, thriving as a model, social media influencer, Instagram personality, and TikTok sensation. Reports indicate that Angie embarked on her modeling journey during her college years, driven by a longstanding inclination toward the field since her early life. Her passion for modeling has propelled her to achieve renown and popularity in the industry.

Angie Varona's Professional life

Driven by her dedication and ambition, Angie Varona has risen to prominence as a highly regarded model. Her modeling journey has not only brought her significant fame and success but is particularly notable for the striking photoshoots she has undertaken. Beyond her standing as a prominent American model, Angie remains actively involved in the modeling industry, concurrently leveraging her influence as a social media influencer.

Angie Varona's Career

Profession Model, Instagram Star & Social Media Star
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $ 4 Million
Source of Income Social Media Influencing
TV Shows

Angie Varona Physical Stats

Angie Varona's Physical Appearaance

The description "With brown eyes and brown hair, Angie's elegant and charming personality is perfectly complemented. She is unquestionably stunning" provides a concise overview of Angie's physical attributes and demeanor. It highlights the harmony between her eye and hair color, suggesting a natural and well-coordinated appearance. The use of the term "elegant and charming personality" adds a layer of positive character traits, indicating that Angie not only has attractive physical features but also exudes a grace and charm in her demeanor. The concluding statement, "She is unquestionably stunning," reinforces the overall impression of Angie's beauty and allure.

Height 158 Centimeters
5 Feet 2 Inches
62.20 Inches
1.58 Meters
Weight 110 lbs.
49.90 kg.
Body Measurements 35-25-36
Shoe Size 7US
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birth Mark

Angie Varona Social Media Profiles

Numerous people follow her on diverse social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Her Instagram handle, @angievarona, has an impressive following of 2 million. On Twitter, you can find her with the account @AngieVarona, where she has amassed 105,000 followers. Likewise, on Facebook, her presence is under the @AngieVarona account, with an impressive following of over 491.5K.

Instagram Angie Varona Instagram Link
Facebook Angie Varona Facebook Link
Twitter Angie Varona Twitter Link
TikTok Angie Varona TikTok Link

Experiencing rapid growth and currently in a phase of continuous expansion, he has amassed an impressive following of over 2 million on his Instagram account. Like many other traditional social media influencers, he earns a substantial income from his diverse social platforms.

Moreover, as of 2019, his estimated net worth was approximately $100,000. Additionally, he receives compensation ranging from $3,390 to $5,650 per post from social media platforms. With such earnings, he unquestionably has the means to savor quality time with his family.